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article imageAfter Two Diplomats Expelled, NATO-Russia Tensions Heat Up

By Can Tran     Apr 30, 2009 in World
After the expulsion of two Russian diplomats over allegations of spying, tensions between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) could start brewing up. In a sense, it is reigniting a throw down since the Cold War.
There could be a possible new international dilemma brewing up. This could spell into a new international dilemma that United States President Barack Obama as he has recently passed through his first one hundred days in elected office. So far, there are tensions mounting between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In a sense, it should be nothing new.
Tensions between the two did escalate during the days of the Cold War. In a New York Times article, it explained that two Russian diplomats were kicked out from the NATO HQ in Brussels, Belgium.
What were the grounds?
According to NATO, the diplomats are accused of alleged espionage. On an ironic note, the two sides were trying to mend and improve relations with each other. These two diplomats are considered to be high profile figures. One of them is the son of the Russian ambassador to the European Union (EU). In that respect, there is the possibility that the European Union could get dragged into the mix as a result. But, nothing is confirmed about how it will affect relations with the EU.
There are questions to be asked. The first is: Will Russia’s government do the same thing and NATO did? The second question is: How will this affect the outcome of the military exercises in Georgia (The country, not the American state)?
In regards to NATO’s action, Russia’s government is not too thrilled. In a CNN article, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that NATO is trying to provoke the government. A Xinhua article explains that a Russian envoy said that the government will respond.
According to Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s response will be tough. Again, how will Russia respond to the expulsion of two of its diplomats? What will the response be in that respect?
A Reuters article points out that Russia is very suspicious of NATO’s intentions. Perhaps NATO’s latest actions could increase more suspicions from Russia. So far, analysts have pointed out that the expulsion did not make sense due to the timing. Overall, this does spell into a possible international dilemma for Obama.
In a Times Online article, it explains that Russia has taken formal control of Abkhazia’s borders. That has put Russia at odds with NATO. Perhaps NATO kicked the two diplomats out in response? But, nothing is conclusive. We will have to wait and see what develops next. The article does explain a link with Herman Simm, jailed for twelve years for passing secrets to Russia’s government. In a nutshell, tensions between Russia and NATO are starting to very hot and heated. Inevitably, it will be something that Obama will have to tackle.
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