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article imageYuma, Arizona Clamps Down on Drug Cartels Special

By Carol Forsloff     Apr 30, 2009 in Crime
While serious news about Mexican cartels have played regularly on television, I wanted to find out what it was like in a border town in Arizona. I learned that one town, Yuma, seems to be escaping some trouble right now and wondered why that is true.
I interviewed Jane Kiley about what is happening in Yuma since she is a citizen who takes an active interest in things happening around her. She also runs a multi state employment agency that has been doing quite well in the town. She says the legal Mexican immigrants have been staunch defenders of the border and have been cooperating with law enforcement to keep illegals out. Kiley declared, “these people believe that they worked hard to enter the United States legally, are dedicated Americans; and they don't want others to get through and do bad things."
Kiley said that Obama has even been to Yuma to meet with authorities there. Apparently prevention programs have worked for this small Southwestern town.
The Kileys have lived in Arizona more than 10 years and have an employment services company called Hunter Employment that serves a cross section of the community. They have Mexican workers in occupations from farming to office work and some employed by their own company. Legal immigrants, Kiley said, are dedicated workers and responsible when it comes to matters of citizenship and obeying the law. They are part of the front line of defense protecting the border of Arizona and Mexico in Yuma. She does not feel threatened by the violence across the border into Mexico because of the levels of border protection enhanced by cooperation of the citizenry across cultural lines.
While border patrols struggle with the Texas border, perhaps Yuma may serve as an example of how to manage problems involving drugs and guns. When the ordinary citizen takes responsibility, as seems to have occurred in Yuma, especially with legal immigrants helping, it is likely that is an important part of the plan that can work to combat drugs and guns.
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