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Denmark Police Stop Bicyclists to Give Hugs And Helmets

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 28, 2009 in World
Riding bicycles or motorcycles without helmets are dangerous, Denmark police say, and are teaching the offenders with a novel way, “Free Hug and a Free Helmet”.
In Denmark, many bicyclists don’t wear helmets. The main reason? They say that helmets will mess up their hair.
Even its Mayor Klaus Bondam doesn’t wear it, he told Wall Street Journal:
"I have a big head and I would look silly,"
Nancy Keats writes in WSJ that people in Denmark bike while pregnant, carrying cups of coffee while they ride, and others smoke and eat bananas as they ride. And some others are even worse, drink and drive and run into poles in the streets.
According to Frederisberg Hospital emergency room records, half the bike accidents involve drunk riders.
The Denmark police, “Politi”, want to stop the bike accidents and promote safety awareness for bicyclists. They employ a new approach to solve the problem. They pull over the riders who don’t wear helmets. The police then give them a hug and a new helmet and talk briefly about safety. The riders are surprised with the police response but comply by wearing their new helmets.
It is not clear whether it is a public awareness campaign or someone shot the video when it took place.
The video is like the successful “Free Hugs” campaign.
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