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4chan Founder Listed As TIME's World's Most Influential Person

By Can Tran     Apr 28, 2009 in World
In something that should be a complete shocker, the winner of TIME’s third annual 100 poll is not who you would think it is. It is a person one would least expect. The winner is “moot,” founder of
Recently, TIME Magazine had released its third annual TIME 100 poll. It would be the top 100 most influential people. The person that ranks first is “World’s Most Influential Person.” One could ask: Who is the winner of the TIME 100 poll?
Is it United States President Barack Obama? Not by a long shot. That should come up as a shocker. Obama is the first African-American and multiracial United States President. However, there is much more to that. However, this article is not about him.
In the TIME Magazine article, there are pictures of Obama, Angelina Jolie, his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Bernie Madoff, Oprah Winfrey, and another person. However, none of them got number one.
In a Gamasutra article, it is revealed that Shigeru Miyamoto got ranked 42nd in the poll. Miyamoto has been a very important figure in the video game industry. He is a notable figure in Nintendo. He is one rank behind Miley Cyrus. In that respect, neither of them got number one.
This article also confirms who got number one. It said that Obama is listed at number thirty-seven in the poll.
Again, the winner of the poll is a person one would least expect. Those that know the name will probably appreciate the sheer and humorous irony of the sort. Again, who is the winner?
The person goes by the name of “moot.” Not many people would know of moot. So far, it is believed that his real name is Christopher Poole, a twenty-one year old college student. Again, not many people may know about him. One can ask: What is the significance of “moot?”
Moot is the founder of the online community known as One can ask: What is 4chan? This is the North American equivalent to 2chan a.k.a. the Japanese “Futaba Channel.” It was originally a place to talk about Japanese manga and TV shows. It is a combination of message boards and image boards.
It is believed that Anonymous originated from the 4chan forums. Also, this is where the term “Rickroll’d” also originated from. For those that do not know the meaning of “Rickroll’d” should look it up on YouTube. Anonymous is known for its movement called “Project Chanology” which is against Scientology.
4chan receives notoriety for a specific section called “/b/” which is a board of complete randomness. It is considered the most popular section of This is a board of pure randomness. However, this is considered a board not for kids. It is by no means family friendly.
Those that frequent that section are known as the “/b/tards.”
Overall, it is the founder of 4chan who is listed as the winner of the 100 most influential people. That means that “moot” ended up smoking the likes of Obama, Winfrey, Jolie, other notable people across the world.
However, there are those still not convinced. Skeptics believe that 4chan members tried to manipulate the poll. This is according to what the article in the Los Angeles Times said. The suspicions are also noted in the TIME Magazine article as well.
One question needs to be asked: Is “moot” really the winner or is this some plan by those on 4chan? Overall, when one takes further examination of it, this is pretty funny.
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