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article imageHeaviest Mom ever to give birth feeds triplets junk food

By Alethea Borgman     Apr 28, 2009 in Health
A 29-stone mother of three has told how she feeds her eight-month-old triplets crisps, take-aways and ready-meals in place of healthy food.
Leanne Salt, 24, from Coventry in the West Midlands, UK told Closer Magazine she was “too busy” to prepare proper for her daughters Deanna, Daisy and son Finlee.
The young unemployed single mother, who blossomed to 40 stone during her pregnancy, became the heaviest woman to give birth in the World last year.
Consultant Manu Vatish who delivered Leanne’s triplets told the News of the World last year: "She was the biggest woman in the world who had ever been pregnant with triplets, so there was no advice available for me." Mr Vatish who specializes in high risk obesity pregnancies added: "I had to construct a special hoist to support her abdomen during the operation. It weighed more than a human being so it would have been impossible for the surgical team to support it themselves."
The procedure took a 68-strong team of NHS professionals at a total of cost of £200,000 to the NHS. The normal cost of a triplet birth costs on average around £50,000 in the UK.
She told the Magazine this week: “My babies were six months old when they had their first McDonald’s. They like fish and chips too. I chew the food first so they can eat it because they haven’t got any teeth yet. I give them packets of Wotsits as a snack at 2pm.2 She continued: “They’re on the baby food jars and love the fish pie and cottage pie meals. But I see no harm in letting them have a few bits of my takeaways too."
Leanne further admitted that she only dresses once a week when she takes a trip out to collect her benefits totalling £227 per week.
She continued: “I feed my babies vegetables every Sunday, and a lot of the baby food has fruit in it.”
Leanne believes that feeding healthy foods to her children may lead them to become anorexic: She said: “I don’t want them to think they have to watch what they eat. I’ll tell them big is beautiful.”
Leanne, who puts her obesity down to a thyroid problem, eats around 3,000 calories per day which is a third more than is recommended for a woman’s daily intake.
Leanne, who split with the father of her children half way through her pregnancy last year claims her children are healthy. She said: “They like fish and chips too, but I take the batter of the fish, so I guess that’s healthy.”
According to the NHS statistics on obesity: almost one in four adults in the UK were classed as clinically obese in 2006.
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