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article imageOp-Ed: Is Swine Flu Hype, Hysteria or Real Threat? Special

By Sandy Sand     Apr 27, 2009 in Politics
I wish this weren’t such a serious subject, because it’s really hard not to go hog wild sarcastically and satirically all over it with a zillion pig pen puns.
My morgue humor probably wouldn’t be appropriate here except I’ve already heard several comedians ask a question akin to all the questions about monkeys and the spread of AIDS: Who was the first person to kiss a pig that started all of this?
Kiss a real pig and not the metaphorical pigs referred to after going on a date from hell.
I wouldn’t want to be accused of being New York Postian, which has a photo of a cute porcine critter with a thermometer in its mouth on the front page with the headline, Hog Wild!
But noting a few observation on press coverage of the swine flu and a few facts is appropriate.
In email correspondence with Kathlyn Stone, a health reporter who publishes here on DJ and has her own health Web site,, last night, she asked an extremely perceptive question: How come people are dying from the swine flu in Mexico and not here in the United States?
When I phoned my friend Doc Judy (Dr. Judith Emanuel) in Kona, Hawaii, she found that most interesting, and hoped there will be research into it, because so far -- except for Kat -- nobody is asking the question to which there is no answer.
My question is, if the swine flu is such a health hazard and a “pandemic” in the making, meaning people around the world are exhibiting symptoms, and it allegedly started in Mexico where at least 103 people have died and so far they have 1,600 reported cases…
Then why wasn’t the border between the United States and Mexico closed immediately and all flights in and out of the country cancelled?
Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano and other governmental officials, including President Barack Obama, explanations are lamer than a president’s final duck-days in office. They’re studying it before making any decisions? Gimme a break.
Napolitano said:
“Really that’s what we’re doing right now.” We’re preparing in an environment where we really don’t know ultimately what the size of seriousness of this outbreak is going to be.”
Airports are doing “passive surveillance” by asking, so how’re feeling today?
Swell, like anyone who’s feeling fluish is going to admit it and be shipped off to a hospital to be quarantined until they figure out if he‘s suffering from allergies; that’s like sentencing yourself to a sterile jail.
Assuming the man who phoned into the Bill Press radio show this morning was serious, swine flu in the states isn’t new. He claimed it was laboratory- proven he had it more than a month ago and he hadn’t been to Mexico.
So far we’re being overexposed to the swine flue, at least figuratively. We can’t turn on the radio or TV, or open a newspaper for real or online without being hit over the head with swine flu.
Even Press, who kept saying the press is hyping it and overdoing it, carried on nonstop about the porker flu for the first hour of his show almost nonstop, and mostly to the exclusion of everything else in the news. Then he opened the second hour with the story. Talk about hype!
By then it was time to switch to my morning L.A. guy Doug McIntyre, who thankfully didn’t mention it until after the first break, and he’s not harping on it, but handling it sanely and thoughtfully covering it with one eight-minute segment in each of his five hours.
And he's really using constraint on his morgue humor jokes, like insisting the only way to eradicate the swine flu is to eat all the pigs, egro he and his producer are going on a pig bacon-only diet.
I did a quick survey of newspapers online and found that the Los Angeles Daily News has three swine flu stories and the question of the day is “Are you worried about getting the flu?”
By 06:55 PDT there were 60 respondents. Sixteen, 40 percent, said Yes; 24, 60 percent said No.
The Los Angeles Times has three stories.
The New York Times has eight stories on the home page.
The Philadelphia Inquirer, three.
The Seattle Post Intelligencer has one, and I had to scroll way down to national/local before finding it.
Far more interesting than the swine flu stories were the 36 comments, nearly all of which were in this vein:
After Baxter sent 1 million ampules of AIDs tainted vaccination to Europe, after reading the literature from the Tavistock Institute, the deaths attributed to HPV vaccinations..Tuskegee experiment..taking any vaccination from our "beloved" government is suicide.
Why has the rate of autism increased from 1 in 5000 to 1 in 87 today??? Yeah, that's right, well meaning parents inject their babies with doses over 300 times the amount of mercury for even a grown man. Wake up people. Folks like Ted Turner and other elite want us dead.
Panic flocking to hospitals
So far there have no reported or confirmed cases of swine flu in Los Angeles County, but knowing how people panic, I checked with John Phillips, executive producer of McIntyre in the Morning on KABC Radio, to see if there were any reports of mass convergence on local emergency rooms in the city or county.
His email response: No.
I really feel sorry for ER workers, because it’s a sure bet that with the first confirmed case in L.A. County herds of people will stampede to ERs, and most of whom won’t have the disease, but will be suffering from allergies, maladies that have similar symptoms or be suffering from swine flu hysteria.
No border control
It’s no secret that unlike every other country in the world, we do not own our borders; not the southern, northern, Pacific or Atlantic.
There are a myriad reasons to own our borders including the huge influx of illegal aliens that cost us billion of dollars a year in lost jobs, health services, other social service, criminal prosecutions, housing illegal aliens in prisons and paying for anchor babies, who are children of illegal aliens who are born here and are given American citizenship by reason of having been born her.
Coincidentally, L.A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich was just on McIntyre in the Morning discussing the cost of illegal aliens to California's tax payers.
A study done by the California Department of Health Services said last year 24 percent of the state's health budget went to services for illegal alien's anchor babies. Total cost last year was half-a-billion dollars, Antonovich said.
Antonovich said in January this year, the cost was $5 million over last January; February, $6 million over last year; and March was $7 million more than last year.
Those are just for starters.
There’s the explosion of gang violence, illegal alien gang members, drug wars in Mexico that are slopping over into the border states, the invasion of our country by Mexican army units, who shoot at our border patrol to protect their drug runners. They even dig tunnels into the country to smuggle weapons in and out and smuggle in illegal aliens and drugs.
Complicit in all of this is our government which aids and abets the corrupt Mexican government, which openly -- through the use of comic books -- encourages its citizens to illegally invade our country.
What other country would put up with that crap? And don’t try to be an illegal alien in Mexico. They won’t stand for it and will jail you or deport you…no questions asked.
If all of the above aren’t reasons enough to fully secure our borders, the threat of a pandemic flu is.
Stop being so caution. Be proactive, not reactive and do it now! This isn't the time to diddle with our health by being politically correct.
Don’t wait to “study” the problem to see if it’s a problem.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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