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article imageSame-Sex Marriage Debate To Turn Into Political Maelstrom

By Can Tran     Apr 26, 2009 in Politics
The issue of gay marriage continues becoming a very heated issue in the United States as of 2009. However, perhaps we get to see both the religious and political fallout in that respect.
The issue of same-sex marriage was a major issue in 2008 and continues to be a major issue in 2009. For those that live in California, the issue of same-sex marriage has been one of the most heated issues. In 2008, the United States Presidential election was something major. However, the other major campaign during the time was Proposition 8, which was passed.
Under Proposition 8, there would be a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. This was one of the most costly campaigns in California. After its passing, there was so much political and religious fallout. Also, one might have assumed this battle would extend to the east coast of the United States.
In March, there was the California Supreme Court hearing on Proposition 8. Not long ago, Steve Schmidt had some stuff to say about same-sex marriage. Schmidt was the campaign manager for GOP Senator John McCain of Arizona during the 2008 US Presidential Election.
At a meeting with the Log Cabin Republicans, Schmidt said that the GOP needs to be a bit more liberal. In that respect, he said that the GOP should support same-sex marriage. He gave warning that the GOP could end up being the “religious party.” Schmidt said that it would be disastrous if that is the case.
TIME Magazine has several articles in that respect. In a piece dated on April 10, there is an ad which can be viewed on YouTube by the National Organization of Marriage (NOM). In that article, it implied that a political, legal, and religious storm will be brewing. Also revealed is that same-sex marriage is legal in four states: Iowa, Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. The same-sex marriage debate could possibly head to New York.
NOM unleashed an ad in response. It was revealed that the people in the ad are actors. Their audition tapes were posted up. However, YouTube removed them. However, the debate could possibly head over to the East Coast in the near future.
However, there is one aspect that needs to be further explored. Another TIME Magazine article explains that the churches could be at odds with each other. So far, it has put churches at odds with the rest of the world. Now, this heated debate could place one church against another. The issue of same-sex marriage has pretty much put the churches in a pickle. Also, it does make a reference to California’s Proposition 8.
In regards to Illinois, an article in the Chicago Tribune is talking about the legalization of civil unions. So far, Democratic Representative Greg Harris of Chicago is sponsoring a bill that legalizes civil unions. Should it be passed, it would be the equivalent to marriage. However, it will be different by name. In this piece, it explains that this bill is possibly feasible enough to pass. Overall, that is a start. When everything is factored together, the debate over same-sex marriage continues. For United States President Barack Obama, it spells out one of his major domestic challenges. On a technicality if this bill passes, Illinois will be the fifth state to legalize gay marriage. The key word is "technicality." In regards to technicality, it would mean the legalization of civil unions.
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