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Eastwood picks South African boy-band for his Mandela movie Special

By Adriana Stuijt     Apr 26, 2009 in Entertainment
Hollywood movie producer Clint Eastwood has reportedly asked an unknown seven-member South African acapella boy-band called “Overtone” to make a demo for the sound-track for his next movie, which is a biography of Nelson Mandela.
"Overtone" was talent-spotted by Eastwood’s wife Dina when she attended their whacking good tribute show to the late singer Freddy Mercury, called ‘The Killer Queen’, which has drawn rave reviews in South Africa, writes South African newspaper Rapport 's journalist Gavin Prins from Cape Town. See the boys' Facebook page here
Mandela biographic movie:
Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood and co-producer/star Morgan Freeman, 71, who plays ex-President Nelson Mandela in the new Eastwood film “The Human Factor” are shooting the movie in South Africa right now. Co-star Matt Damon plays Francois Pienaar, the Afrikaner captain of the 1995 South African rugby team that took the World rugby cup and 'capped Mandela's miraculous 10-year effort to bring 43-million South Africans together in an enduring bond,' according to the pre-publicity blurb for this movie.Set for release in December, the film is based on the book "Playing the enemy" by John Carlin.
‘Just very darn good…’
This gorgeous-looking group of vivacious young men still is relatively unknown in South Africa, but for the past two years they have been performing all across the country, singing in Africa's most-beloved art form: acappella, drawing from the rich multiracial South African music repertoire. They sing in English, Xhosa, Zulu and also perform a wide range of Afrikaans-language songs. some of which may date back to the 19th century, but which these talented young men have managed to transform into striking 21st century music which is seen to draw audiences from the very young to the very old.
The seven members of Overtone are: Emile Welman (tenor), Eduard Janse van Rensburg (counter-tenor), Ruan van Zyl (baritone), Shane Smit (baritone), Ernie Bates (tenor), Valentino Ponsonby (beat box, percussion and sequences) and Riaan Weyers (bass).see their website here
Replicate the instruments…
Overtone's vocal range extends far beyond the usual boy-band harmonies: they don't just sing without instruments, they replicate the instruments, and the result is a highly creative and engaging musical tapestry.
Top Cape Town art critic Ruth Cooper recently described the unknown group as ‘just very darn good... 'They have a great chemistry on stage and expertly weave harmonies and beat boxing together to capture the essence of Mercury. The boys performed all the major hits from Radio Gaga to Bohemian Rhapsody some without musical backing and some with a live band. It was most definitely the acappella performances that were the most impressive and allowed the band to truly show off their skills, their performances are so layered that one never really notices the lack of musical instruments. And I just can't seem to get “She's a Killer Queeeaan, Gunpowder, Gelatine, Dynamite with a laser beam...” out of my head (what a great song),’ writes Cooper.
Eastwood is in South Africa at the moment to shoot his latest movie with actor Morgan Freeman. Overtone boy band’s spokesman, Eduard Janse van Rensburg, said that after their show in the New Space theatre in Cape Town was seen by Dina Eastwood, her daughter and a friend, she had spontaneously booked the entire theatre for a command performance the very next day -- and brought her husband and all the actors and crew of the new Eastwood movie to see them perform.
“It was very exciting,’ says Eduard. “After the show, actor Morgan Freeman went home, but the rest of the actors stayed behind to talk to us, and we gave Clint one of our new CDs’.
The following day, they received the call which might change their fortunes forever: Eastwood asked them if they could sing the music for his next movie's sound-track. The boys are at a Cape Town studio right now, recording their repertoire,
However it's very early days yet: while the boys themselves understandably are 'over the moon' about these exciting developments, agent Colin Law, who does their bookings from Cape Town, says 'this is all very premature and none of it confirmed.Dina Eastwood has watched the boys perform many times and really likes them.' The boys have made a demo CD.
Thus far, we have been unable to get confirmation from the Eastwood camp itself, however..
“Clint also wants us to sing some of the other songs (on the CD), said Janse van Rensburg in his interview with Rapport - and which he confirmed with Digital Journal by email. see
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