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Former Klan Wizard David Duke Ordered to Leave Czech Republic

By Carol Forsloff     Apr 25, 2009 in Politics
David Duke, former leader of a branch of the KKK has been ordered to leave the Czech Republic. This former Louisiana politician from Metairie and one-time candidate for Governor had been held in detention and is now been asked to leave.
Duke has been released from detention by the Czech authorities and ordered to leave the country after he had been detained for having been suspected of denying the Holocaust. He had been in Prague at the invitation of a neo-Nazi group and was promoting his book, “My Awaking.” Denying the holocaust is considered a crime in the Czech Republic, and that’s why Duke has been in trouble with that country.
Katerina Rendlova, an official with the police of the Czech Republic, said that David Duke has to be out of the country by midnight on Saturday. Duke had been scheduled to give a lecture at Prague's Charles University, but the school banned him from making a presentation on Friday.
According to the Times Picayune David Duke, a white supremacist, was a candidate for political office five times. He served two years as a Representative of Metairie to Baton Rouge, then ran for governor of Louisiana in 1991. He lost to Edwin Edwards that year.
After losing his bid for Governor, Duke moved to the Mandeville area. Subsequently he was found guilty of mail fraud and filing false tax returns. He served a year in federal prison for these offenses.
In the meantime Duke has posted a lengthy diatribe giving his position about his confinement and stating that he had not participated in any denial of the Holocaust. Still he continues to maintain on the website some elements of a Jewish conspiracy involved in the politics of the United States. This is a portion of what he has on his official website:
I never speak about the Holocaust in Europe other than to say that it is a human rights outrage that people are imprisoned for simply having a differing opinion about an historical event.
I was going to lecture about the Israeli influence over American and European foreign policy and the International Zionist Banking firms that are leading America and the world to financial oblivion, globalist hegemony and unending war.
Now they seek a terrible, catastrophic war with Iran.
Duke seeks help with his legal fees. In the meantime his website continues to advertise his opinions that remain in line with the KKK beliefs, including articles about Jewish supremacist thinking and African American welfare cheats. It will be interesting where this white supremacist David Duke decides to go and what he will do following this.
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