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Op-Ed: Let Texas Gov. Perry and others secede so we can have some peace

By Carol Forsloff     Apr 24, 2009 in Politics
Sean Hannity and Ron Paul have said secession is the American way. Well to stop any talk of Civil War and other foolishness, why not let the Texas Governor Perry leave with his place and take other areas too?
But leave most of Texas behind. What we might be able to do is improve America if some people and places just float their own boats. We could perhaps get rid of the blue and red business and just have red, white and blue.
The country was founded upon the belief in individual freedom for sure, but was it founded upon liberty at all costs, and do we need all this fighting? Likely not, so to avoid it why not just take a look around, figure out who wants to leave or how it might improve things if they did, and let a few areas go voluntarily. After all Moses did it and made it to the Promised Land when he left Egypt.
Alaska Governor  Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin
Wikimedia Commons
It lightened his load and likely gave him relief as well. So I say let the naysayers have their way, and the way might be smoother for the rest of us.
I have a set of recommendations, although some folks might disagree. We could actually take a poll on all this, but I believe some hearty discussion might first be engendered and then we could have a vote.
Ron Paul
Ron Paul
So for starters, take Wasilla, Alaska, home of Sarah Palin. It is said to be one commercial nightmare from one end to the other and a place where rednecks reign. Then we won't have Sarah Palin to kick around anymore, but we won't have her kicking back. That might help calm down those who raged against President Obama before the election if Sarah Palin goes with the town.
Then root out the areas around Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, Nancy Pelosi, Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney. Also target home sites of Sean Hannity, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Bill O'Reilly as well. Ron Paul wants freedom, so just let him go. Just lift them off the map and take them as well. You can leave their states behind, however, because I suspect a lot of people there, wherever, will be glad to see them go. Allow Rod Blagojevich's home to leave, and the occupants with it; but we'll keep the flagship city.
Keith Olbermann
Keith Olbermann, a news anchor.
by Vaguely Artistic
The State of Illinois can save fees for any more prosecutions, and we won't have any more news about Blagojevich and talk shows or anything else.
Take Baton Rouge, Louisiana the area right under the capitol where the politicians play. Everyone knows Louisiana is one of the top three in political corruption; and if the politicians leave, maybe Louisiana could get a fresh start. Likely folks might be surprised how different things could be without all those rotten apples to contaminate the bunch.
Let's allow the border towns secede if that's what they want as well. Just allow a few of the ones to go who have been dealing drugs with guns and have lots of bad men. The authorities can smoke them out and decide which ones are worse. I suggest we keep Yuma, Arizona for sure because those folks are cleaning up their area and doing quite well getting rid of bad guys.
John Fleming
Representative John Fleming of Louisiana stands with small group of supporters at the end of his presentation in Natchitoches, Louisiana on February 16, 2009. Fleming is another thorn in Obama's side from Louisiana; the other is David Vitter, Senator from Louisiana
Carol Forsloff
You thought we should keep all of California? I'm not sure. There are liberals that often get shrill. Take a bit of the Bay but leave us L.A. because I like those beaches. But San Francisco gets cold and outside of good coffee shops, I'm not sure of the rest. What I do know is some of their folks get so loud, ears hurt from the din.
So let them go with some of the conservatives to fight each other somewhere else.
Then maybe we can have some peace around here.
P.S. Lest we forget, throw in Rush Limbaugh!
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