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article imageBacon Salt: The Guys Behind the Dream

By M Dee Dubroff     Apr 24, 2009 in Food
Innovation can bloom any old time and that includes a recession. Meet two guys with a garage and a dream who quite their day jobs after the success of their invention, bacon salt. Read on for more, if you dare to chew the fat, that is.
According to news sources, Justin Esch,29, and Dave Lefkow, 35, are innovators who stand behind their dream, which in this case is a product worth its salt called bacon salt. Their mantra is that “everything should taste like bacon,” which is a tough act to follow and an even tougher one to develop. Both young men put their money where their dreams were so to speak, by quitting their successful tech jobs and developing their magical alchemy out of a lab that looks a lot like a garage!
They advertised their product in clever ways, showing up at sporting events dressed as bacon and using Internet tools such as Facebook and Twitter. The first week bacon salt was advertised, they racked up 800 orders and sold out their supply within six days! They believed a fanatic fan base was out there and would be true to them and they were right. By utilizing viral marketing tools, they got a lot more than the word out; since 2007, sales have hit 650,000 and bacon salt can be found in restaurants and grocery stores everywhere!
The power of the Internet rocketed them to success and there is no question that these two “brought home the bacon.” Bacon salt, cleared more than $1 million in profit last year. They did take a chance though as most entrepreneurs do, for as tech specialists, neither of them knew anything about food products or how to market them.
In Esch’s own words:
“We didn't know anything about sales, food distribution, labeling, selling, presenting. All that we knew was we liked salt that tasted like bacon.”
Lefkow had this to say about the success of their joint business:
“Make connections. Networking and making contacts with people have really come in very handy. We had some [relationships] with people in the food industry and the people we didn't know--we made [connections with] them, going to food shows, etc...”
Calling themselves “bacontrepreneurs,” the successful duo has since launched bacon-flavored sunflower seeds and a new sandwich spread, Baconaise. It is said that they are currently experimenting with bacon-scented soap, body spray and suntan lotion.
Lefkow says:
“I don't think there is any limit for what bacon can do.”
Well, apparently not. Good luck, fellows. Keep that pan of ideas sizzling!
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