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article imageMaybe very small UFO's are heating the planet?

By Peter Ravenscroft     Apr 24, 2009 in Science
The greatest heating on the planet is taking place, at least for the southern hemisphere, right where the Earth's magnetic field has weakened most. And where the satellite image alongside, from NASA, shows the southern aurora is hugely enhanced.
The small (very small) UFO's responsible have been caught in the act. See the image here of the Aurora Australis, the southern lights.
The real world data does not stack up for CO2 being the main driver of climate change, at all. Also, the basics of geology, physics, chemistry and oceanography say rather clearly that AGW (anthropogenic greenhouse warming), is nonsense. Not even gardener's glasshouses work like that. It is hence not that the emperor penguin has no clothes, it is that there is no such thing as an emperor.penguin that wears clothes.
The problem for climate science has been that,although there is a link between climate change and long term solar cycles, the match in time is not that good.
The co-driver needed may be deep geomagnetic shifts at the core-mantle boundary, weakening the Earth's magnetic shield, the magnetosphere, and so allowing in those very, very small UFOs - high energy electrons, protons and helium nuclei, from the Van Allen Belts. They are technically UFOs because they fly (mostly vertically) and because astrophysicists are not really sure where they, and particularly the very high energy ones, are coming from. Those touch down to give us the auroras, north and south.
It is not a simple story, and we can do exactly zip about it. You cannot control the climate, sorry to have to report. That is a bit deep for smoky factories or for revving up old SUVs, unless your name is Old Nick. This is bad news for the thin air burial societies.
We now have this spectacular visual evidence in support of this "deep geomagnetic co-driver" theory, from space photography. NASA imaged the stunning green ring from its IMAGE satellite, then added that to their "Blue Marble" earth image. I merely rotated the image left 90 degrees and added the outline of Antarctica, as best I could, to locate the ring a bit better.
Where the Van Allen Belts touch down, we get the auroras. And the southern one is hugely enhanced right where the magnetic field has weakened most, which is also where the planet has warmed most, that is, at and to the west of the Antarctic Peninsula. I have tagged it "The Drop Zone," aka "Southpark." See this website for more, if interested.
Jousting in the desert with sandstorms, as the old Arab legend.has it, can be unprofitable. But at least you can feel the sand. Governments everywhere are hell bent on controlling the climate. But they may have to go to hell and get it under control first. Perhaps retrospective legislation will help.
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