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article imageThe agony behind Susan Boyle's success

By Joan Firstenberg     Apr 23, 2009 in Entertainment
Success is not always so enjoyable. In the case of overnight singing sensation Susan Boyle on a UK TV show, and then on U-tube, all the oohs and ahs have now become a bit too critical.
People who are close friends of singer Susan Boyle, in Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland say that her success is turning tragic. They're pleading with the British press to stop making her new life a nightmare.
The Irish Voice newspaper interviewed Fred O'Neil, who has known Boyle for 15 years, and he says Susan quit singing after the death of her Irish immigrant mother Bridget in 2007.
“She would come on the phone to me in terrible tears and sobbing and say I can’t sing any more, I don’t want to sing, there’s nothing to sing for. It was a tragic time for her. She didn’t have a lot financially either; she was living a very basic life. So her whole life now has been turned around in a minute and a half, When I watched her performance and saw her smiling I thought she deserves this because the death of her mother just devastated her. When you’re not married and you’re the youngest child – her sisters and brothers had all moved away from home – really it was desperately hard for her.”
O'Neil says while most of the world press has been complimentary towards Susan since she sang her winning song on "Britain's Got Talent" show, but the British and Irish press have now changed their tune.
"The reason I’m talking to you is because here in Britain the press is following this other line now, They’re kind of making a fool of her. They seem to be going out of their way to print unflattering photos of Susan. But that’s not the artist that Susan is. Many of the photos I’ve seen don’t even look like her. There’s no point in catapulting her into stardom if all she’s going to be is an object of derision.”
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