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article imageOp-Ed: Perez Hilton, where are the feminists when you need them?

By Hargrove Jones     May 4, 2009 in Politics
When Perez Hilton cheerily asked Miss California to tell him if all of the states should follow Vermont's lead by making same sex marriage legal, he was posturing a patriarchal power play, that foiled, badly.
Perez Hilton thought that he could get an "inferior" to adopt his position out of fear. Prosecutors do it all of the time. A witness truthfully contradicts a lying police officer. The prosecutor leans in with a look of dead earnest and challenges, "are you saying this police officer is lying?!!!" Invariably the witness fearfully retreats from their truth. After all, it is better to lie than to be on the wrong side of power. That is, unless you are Carrie Prejean.
Power, in the form of Perez Hilton, who was judging the 2009 Miss U.S.A. contest, encountered truth, in the form of contender Carrie Prejean who, without flinching said, "I do believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman."
She later said that she was more interested in being biblically correct, than politically correct.
At the beginning (He) made them male and female . . . for this cause (marriage) a man leaves his father and mother, and clings to his wife; and the two shall be one flesh. Matthew 19:4-6
After Hilton failed to get Prejean to betray herself, he went to work trying to recreate her in the image of his rejected self, using name calling, lies, and the assignment of his sins, to her.
In his words, her answer was "the worse answer in pageant history!"
He must have been out of the country when Miss Teen South Carolina was asked why 1/5 of Americans cannot locate the U.S. on a world map. Her answer,
I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some, people out there in our nation don't have maps . . .
But even if there hadn't been a contestant of the, let them eat cake ilk, to rescue Carrie from Perez's mis-characterization of her answer, the trouble still would not be with her answer, the trouble was with Perez Hilton's question.
Perez Hilton tried to achieve a coup for same sex marriage, on a world stage, out of the mouth of a Miss U.S.A. finalist, but that's not what he got at all. He thought the two finalist would be so desperate to win until they would follow his leading question, to the anticipated answer, namely, that all of the states should make same sex marriage legal. He made a political fau'par, because he misjudged Carrie Prejean. So there he was, with a PR train wreck, and he responded like most reckless people do, when they cause a disaster, he blamed the victim.
According to Hilton, Prejean lost,
not because she doesn’t believe in gay marriage, she lost because she’s a dumb bitch!
The blame he heaped on Prejean was accompanied by name calling. He called her a "bitch," but confided that he thinks of her as a "cunt."
I called her the B word, but I was thinking the C word.
How is it that a man who emulates women, would chose to enshroud a beautiful, intelligent woman in gender degradation, including the female-dog-in-heat, hip hop version of feminine put down, and the disparagement of female reproductive organs.
Perez Hilton behaves like someone who does not know that female reproductive organs are the pathway to life. Perez Hilton exists because a woman granted him passage.
Perhaps he missed all of that because he is so enthralled with his penis. His involvement with his penis led him to creates a video production called, "My Penis." It includes a caricature of himself, gyrating and singing about his penis, attaching images of pseudo beings to his crotch, projecting penis symbols while incessantly repeating "my penis," intermittently demanding that something, or someone, "suck it."
You'd think he was dancing the maranga, when he sings about his preoccupation with his penis, but when he ascribes penis activity to Carrie Prejean, it's humiliating. His penis song suggests that his penis should be the focus of everyone's attention, but at the expense of others, which he demonstrates by imposing the image of a penis in Carrie Prejean's face, discharging into her mouth.
By his behavior, you would think that Hilton believes that what he does, reflects on Carrie Prejean, instead of on him. He demonstrates the magical thinking of devaluing people who, through some gyration of the brain, come to believe that their condemnable behavior, defines someone else. But Perez Hilton cannot hide behind Carrie Prejean insults because, in spite of them, he continues to looks like a misogynist, disguised as a homosexual.
How is it possible that a moral disaster, steeped in confusion, was allowed to publicly denigrate an outstanding woman, and women in general? And what is Keith Lewis, Co-director of Miss California, thinking, when he pretends that religious beliefs don't influence one's point of view, and he purports to be saddened by Carrie Prejean's honest expression of her belief, while saying nothing about Perez Hilton labeling her answer the worse in pageant history, and calling her a dumb bitch and a cunt.
I am personally saddened and hurt that Miss California believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman. I believe all religions should be able to ordain what unions they see fit. I do not believe our government should be able to discriminate against anyone and religious beliefs have no politics in the Miss California family.
What have we come to when a man who dances around asking to have his penis sucked, and who denigrates women by name calling and ridicule, is selected to judge women, and is left unchecked when he puts women down . . .
When Carrie Prejean said that marriage should be between a man and a woman, she was not just biblically correct, she was also socially correct - 70% of Americans share her belief.
Homosexuals are fortunate to live in a country that allows them to aggressively advocate a minority position, and I'm glad for that, but I'm not so glad that I will sit still while they rob the rest of us of our First Amendment rights to free speech, and religious freedom.
Before Miss California spoke truth to power, I would not have believed that a leggy, good looking blonde, who aspires to be Miss America, could also be a role model and a hero.
It takes hutzpah to release your goal in order to stand for your principals, that's what Carrie Prejean did! It takes courage to look a powerful person in the eye, and refuse to capitulate, that's what Carrie Prejean did! And she did it in the spirit of Condoleezza's name - with sweetness . . . Carrie Prejean can represent me, any time, any place. Carrie Prejean is one strong woman!
Condoleezza Rice (whose given name is derived from the Italian musical expression, Con dolcezza, which means “with sweetness.”
Finally, even if a man dons a pink wig and shakes his behind, and exposes his legs and other things, while using a female name, it doesn't privilege him to bad mouth women. And it certainly doesn't give him more leverage than the president.
If President Obama can be condemned by American feminist, as a sexist, for calling a woman "sweetie," now that the feminine designates are bitch and cunt, American feminist need to find their voice.
Where are the feminist when you need them?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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