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article imageGun Sales Up, Supplies Not Meeting Demand

By Debra Myers     Apr 22, 2009 in Business
Despite a struggling economy, gun sales in the Twin Tiers of New York are booming. So much so that the demand for guns and ammunition are depleting store stock and suppliers are having a hard time keeping up with the orders.
Elmira Heights, NY - Across the Twin Tiers in New York, as well as across the state and nation, gun and ammo sales have soared. The reason? The overwhelming fear that the Obama administration will impose stricter gun control.
Since it became clear that Obama would win the presidential election, the rush was on to buy up guns and ammunition, pushing retail sales skyward. Now, retailers as well as suppliers are having a hard time keeping up with the demand.
Tom Witzel, the store manager of Hesselson’s in Elmira Heights told WENY that his store shelves never looked as empty as they do now. People are stocking up on their supplies in expectation of stricter limitations and higher taxes. In the last several months, retail sales have jumped 15 percent.
“For people who have been hunting or target shooting are all of a sudden worried to buy a box of ammo that used to be $10 dollars a box is going to go up to $15 or $20 dollars a box,” Witzel added.
Manufacturers aren't having it easy either. Witzel said that if a retailer orders a million dollars in merchandise, the manufacturer might be able to send the retailer a couple hundred thousand of the order.
WENY tells that local hunters are particularly worried that those campaign promises Obama gave will be carried out, and anyone legally owning a gun for hunting and/or sport will be the ones hurt. It's agreed that criminals will continue find a way to get their hands on guns despite any tighter restrictions. Frank Prugh, of Freeville said that even with stricter gun control, incidents like what happened Binghamton, NY and Columbine won't be stopped. Prugh states that hunters obey the law- and taxing them is taxing the wrong crowd.
“Look what they did to some people who were supposed to get bonuses; they got taxed right out of their bonuses, so what are we going to do, get taxed out of being able to buy ammunition, or hunt,” Prugh added. “I enjoy just shooting, I don't have to hunt necessarily. I would just like to shoot at a target.”
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