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Hong Kong and Taiwan Outraged At Jackie Chan's China Remarks

By Can Tran     Apr 21, 2009 in World
International martial arts action superstar may have found himself in hot water with the Chinese community. So far, he may have said some things that alienated the Chinese across the world.
It was only a few days ago in which International martial arts action superstar Jackie Chan had weighed in on the aspects of China and freedom. So far, he may have said some words that could potentially alienate many Chinese. Perhaps this might hurt Chan’s career for a little bit.
Before being known in other parts of the world, Chan had started out in Hong Kong. Some of his movies are: “Supercop,” “Rush Hour,” “Police Story,” “The Medallion,” “The Tuxedo,” “The Forbidden Kingdom,” and a number of other notable martial arts films.
Around Saturday, Chan may have made some sort of unsavory comment. So far, Chan said that in regards to China that it may be unsuitable to become a free society. “I’m not sure if it’s good to have freedom or not.” He would talk about how democracy has brought chaos to Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Hong Kong and Taiwan have a long history with China. But that is another story. However, those words may come back and haunt Chan. So far, his words have been condemned by those on Facebook. The Chinese community is also responding to Chan’s words.
In a article, Chan clarified what he meant. He explained that it was not in regards to China itself. Chan explained that it was referred to the entertainment industry in general.
So far, Chan’s words have made the Chinese community really unhappy. Overall, Chan may have fired the proverbial shot into his foot. In an article on the Wall Street Journal, it seems that there are thousands that are out for his blood. When everything is factored together, things do not really bode well for Jackie Chan.
One should ask: Is this going to hurt Chan’s career?
If that is the case, what will the damage be?
In an article on the Taipei Times, protesters are demanding some hefty things. So far, one of the demands was for Chan to be exiled to North Korea. As for Taiwan, Chan had finished his tenure for the Deaflympics. Taipei’s government is concerned that anger towards Chan could hinder the event. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, there is much anger and resentment towards Chan. In a nutshell, Chan inadvertently disrespected those in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
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