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article imageOp-Ed: Obama Declines to Legalize Pot for Sake of the Economy

By KJ Mullins     Apr 20, 2009 in Politics
Legal pot. That's an idea many cling to on April 20 each year. 4/20 is a part of urban culture where toking a joint is the thing to do. Like last year it's still an illegal activity. There bad news for those wanting change, it's not coming from Obama.
There are those who will say celebrating a day that in itself is illegal is wrong but is it? In the past other days would have been considered illegal, like say the Fourth of July. I am in no way saying that making pot legal is as important as the birth of a nation. Still the legalization of marijuana could be revolutionary.
Think about being able to relax with your friends and not worry if the police were on the other side of the door. That in itself may take away some of the paranoia that tokers experience.
What about those small time hoods that sell their goods. If pot was legal they may be out of a job but you could be in one that would feed your family. Yea, President Obama says that isn't going to happen but maybe Prime Minister Stephen Harper could mix it up a bit.
Hey's it's 4/20, folks think outside the box.
If you were wondering why 4/20 is so important to those in the 'pot culture' here's a little history lesson.
A group of teens at San Rafael High School in San Rafael, California, United States in 1971 used to meet after school at 4:20 to smoke pot around the Louis Pasteur statue. That time was picked because detention let out at, you've got it 4:20 p.m.
Perhaps those meeting with their buddy Louis had a habit of getting in trouble at school.
Since the beginning of time, or at least 1971 the day was left open on calendars to meet, get high and celebrate the bud way of life.
SFist reports:
The group of friends were known as the Waldos, and their story, via a very long game of stoner Telephone, made it onto a flyer passed around among some Grateful Dead fans in Oakland in 1990, and was then immortalized in the May 1991 issue of High Times.
The truth is, not everyone is for legal marijuana. Some believe that marijuana is a curse on the land. They believe that making pot legal would open up a gateway to other drugs becoming legal. That all the naughty people would lay around and get high instead of making a living. They don't want to hear that pot can be beneficial to those who are sick. Nor do they care that the herb has been around since the dawn of man. It's against the law and that is that.
If the stuff was legal today wouldn't be an annual party day. It wouldn't be a day of defiance, of standing up to the man or voicing the virtues of a herb that more and more scientists are finding uses for. It would just be a day like any other.
So happy 4/20 to those that celebrate it and good luck in convincing the rulers of the world that next year it'll be a legal holiday.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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