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Toronto Blue Jays Rookie Ricky Romero Continues To Impress

By Nawest Vazquez     Apr 20, 2009 in Sports
Ricky Romero is so fine. He blows my mind. The kid, only three starts into his Major League Baseball career, is pitching like a veteran. He's got a bright future. Oakland A's left-fielder Jack Cust would agree.
Here's Cust on Romero:
"He's got a bright future. He reminds of (Johan) Santana a little bit, his body and his mannerisms, the way he throws. Santana's got those broad shoulders like he's got.
"He's similar, he's got a similar arm slot, similar delivery. He's going to be good."
He already is, Mr. Cust. Damn good.
Romero's 2-0. The proud owner of a 1.71 ERA and 1.10 WHIP. He's thrown as many innings and allowed as many hits as one Roy Halladay: 21, and 19. Exquisite company. If spots two through five behind Doc were up for grabs in the Toronto Blue Jays' rotation, it's safe to say Romero has grabbed number two. With authority. And I am loving every minute of it.
The bats fell silent over the weekend. But it was the pitchers' time to shine. Shout out to Brian Tallet; what a spot start on Saturday afternoon. The team couldn't have possibly asked for more. And Scott Downs. What's left to say about Downs that hasn't been said before? He is unreal. Another three and a third innings of relief over the weekend, and nary a run allowed; not even a hit. So far this season, in 7.2 innings of work, Downs has allowed two hits, zero walks, zero runs, and struck out twelve. Don't you ever change, Snakeface.
David Purcey, no shout out for you. Stop. Walking. Batters. His 13 walks (in only 15.1 innings) are more than Halladay (3), Romero (4), and Scott Richmond (5) have combined to throw. They're unacceptable. And I'm sure The Cito and Th'Arnsberg (The Arnsberg) won't stand for them much longer.
The Blue Jays are 10-4, winners of their first four series. And that's what it's all about: winning each and every series. Everyone is doing their part. From Halladay, to Romero, to Aaron Hill, to Marco Scutaro, to Travis Snider, to Adam Lind, to Shawn Camp, to ... well, everyone except Alex Rios and Purcey, really.
What was that? Speak up, J.P. Ricciardi haters. I'm having a difficult time hearing you.
Toronto is the best team in the American League; the only team in the Junior Circuit sporting double digits in wins. I must admit, the view from up here is pretty fantastic. I could get used to it. And the Jays' first game against an AL East opponent is still 11 games away. Pile up the wins, boys. You're going to need them come September.
A much-deserved day off for the local nine, today. Read Jeff Blair's article. He won't admit it, but I think he's beginning to believe.
Pennant, too, of course. They go hand in hand.
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