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article imageOp-Ed: Is Obama a clear and present danger to U.S.?

By Larry Clifton     Apr 19, 2009 in Politics
Many say President Barack Hussein Obama remains in some weird campaign mode. His administration assessed American Combat veterans as likely terrorists last week and now releases information that could make the U.S. less safe.
Releasing sensitive internal memos and information that suggests the terrorists who would destroy us were treated too harshly by the Bush Administration has many American leaders questioning Obama's ability to handle even the simplest national security matters.
Many say U.S. security forces and CIA agents who are asked to make difficult decisions regarding the retrieval of information that will save American lives and possibly thwart the next attack on US soil will be less effective under the Obama Administration. In the view of more and more Americans, Obama is conducting a relentless campaign against his own country that now rises to the level of dangerous.
Obama, in his unrelenting campaign against his predecessor George Bush is making a case against the U.S. while affording terrorists the same rights as U.S. citizens. Even Obama's own CIA Director Leon Panetta opposes the President's actions. Obama argued that he is not furthering the cause of terrorism because he is "not giving al Qaeda any new information." This overly simplistic view does seem to fly in the face of reality in the view of veteran officials who have served at the top posts of national security who claim CIA interrogators will no longer be as effective if they fear retribution from their own President.
On Sunday talk shows, growing and more bipartisan voices are speaking out against President Barack Obama. Rep John Boehner, R-Ohio,during an interview with ABC said that Obama is making America "less safe." Dick Armey, the former Texas Republican leader was more blunt. He called Obama's actions against the US, CIA and the US military "grotesquely irresponsible."
However It is not only past and present political opponents and Obama's own CIA Director who are roundly criticizing his odd disclosures of sensitive information relating to national security. Four former CIA Directors have joined the growing list of officials and others who are questioning Obama's ability to keep the country safe. Former CIA Director Mike Hayden claimed on Fox News that Obama is making it "more difficult for intelligence agents to battle terrorists."
Obama has been on a global mission to make sure that the world likes him, but the President has many Americans wondering about his ability to lead this nation. Since Obama's Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, wrote a memo stating that American Combat veterans were potential terrorists and was forced to apologize after being unable to present any supporting evidence, a rising number of Americans are concerned that Obama campaigns well, but lacks the fundamental skills required to lead a nation.
"You will have agency officers stepping back from the kinds of things that the nation expects them to do," Mike Hayden told Fox News. Harden said that more than half the information our government has on al Qaeda came from such interrogations.
A growing number of national security officials and high-level U.S. representatives are wondering aloud if Obama even understands what he is doing regarding national security. Obama had the least credible resume of the front runners in the recent presidential campaign, and many argued that he lacked the experience and knowledge to lead the country. He has surrounded himself with partisans and has failed to convince even one member of the Republicans in Congress to support his massive deficit spending and $3.5 trillion annual budget.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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