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British Intel MI5 Activity Seeks Out A 'Part-Time Q'

By Can Tran     Apr 17, 2009 in Technology
British spy intelligence known as “MI5” is looking into science and technology to find new methods of trying to thwart all sorts of terror attacks whether they are biological or chemical. Are you a modern-day “Q?”
For those that are familiar with the famous “James Bond” franchise of Great Britain, one should already know some of the most notable characters: James Bond, M, Felix Lighter, and Q. With the exception of Felix (who works for the CIA), the other three work for British intelligence known as MI6. However, the MI6 in real life is completely different to how MI6 is portrayed in the James Bond universe.
MI5 has explained time over time again that they are not looking for people who join because they like James Bond movies. However, MI5 is looking for new types of operatives. In an Associated Press article, MI5 is looking for “Q.” Those that have watched the James Bond movies should know who Q is. For those that never watched a single James Bond movie, Q is the person that 007 James Bond goes to for the cutting-edge inventions that saves his skin in the most dire of situations.
According to the MI5 website, they are looking for the “chief scientific adviser.”
There are prerequisites:
- Candidates need to be at least 18 years of age.
- Candidates need to be British citizens (born or naturalized).
- Candidates need to have “world-class” and credible expertise in science and technology.
- Good communication skills.
- Team building skills.
- Must have lived in the country in the last nine to ten years.
If one meets those prerequisites, consider yourself a possible candidate to be the “Q” for MI5. However, there are questions that need to be asked.
- What will the job be like?
- What is the security clearance level?
- Are there any other prerequisites?
In an article on, the role of “Q” will be keeping British intelligence ahead from the enemies. However, there is another question that needs to be asked: Who are the enemies? But, the known enemies are obvious. However, perhaps there are some enemies we do not know about yet?
According to an Associated Press article, the person that fills the position of “Q” will be working on creating the new tools and so forth. However, one should ask: Will these gadgets be shared with allies such as the United States, Canada, the EU, UN, NATO, etc?
However, there is a major shocker: this job is only part-time. This is not a full-time job. In a nutshell, the person will not really be “Q.” The person will only be a “part-time Q.”
Perhaps science experts in the UK will fiercely be competing for this job. Another question needs to be asked: How many people will apply? Another question needs to be asked: How many of these candidates will be recent college graduates? In the state of the world’s economy, this could be a potential hot job. However, it would seem that only one person will become “Q.”
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