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article imageVirginia Tech Shooting Marks Its Second Anniversary

By Can Tran     Apr 16, 2009 in World
Today is a historical but dark day for Virginia Tech, the United States, and the rest of the world. It is the second anniversary of the bloodiest school shooting in United States history: the Virginia Tech massacre.
What is the significance of the date “April 16?” There was not much significance until about 2007. April 16, 2007 would be a day of bloodshed and notoriety. On that day, South Korean student Cho Seung-hui went around campus killing thirty-two people and injuring several others. Afterwards, Cho Seung-hui turned the trigger on himself.
As a result, the heated debate between gun violence and gun rights rose back up. Overall, it was revealed that Cho had a serious case of social issues. As a result, Virginia’s gun laws were put on the stand. It also brought light on the current system of treating those with mental health problems. When it was revealed that Cho is a citizen of South Korea, the South Korean government responded.
Today is April 16, 2009. It is the second anniversary of the Virginia Tech Massacre. Many of those injured returned to the campus for the anniversary. To remember this event, a ceremony was held at the campus. One of the major events of the ceremony would be 3.2 mile race. It would be in honor of the 32 people that were gunned down during that bloody incident.
In an article on TIME Magazine, Lucinda Roy gives a Q & A session about Cho. During the VT Massacre, Roy was the head of the English department. She was the one that informed authorities about Cho’s behavior. According to Roy, Cho was referred to her by Professor Nikki Giovanni. Giovanni was concerned about a poem that Cho had written.
Overall, the VT Massacre touched up on a very sensitive debate: gun rights. So far, that is one of the biggest issues in Washington D.C. But it is a different case for Washington D.C. It is the issue of gun rights vs. voting rights.
This debate of gun rights goes over to Texas. Now, there are talks on whether concealed handguns should be allowed on college campuses across Texas. Right now, they are not. So far, a bill is being introduced into the Texas legislature that will allow concealed weapons on college grounds.
However, most students attending school in Texas are against it. Only a handful of students support the measure. Pro-gun groups could find themselves on the hot seat with this one.
So far, this could be one of the hottest topics in Texas. In turn, this could spark the same debate across the nation. Will concealed weapons eventually be allowed on public campuses across Texas? So far, one version of the bill allows private colleges to opt out of it.
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