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article imageTalks On 'Secession' Puts Texas Gov. Perry In Hot Water

By Can Tran     Apr 16, 2009 in Politics
GOP Governor Rick Perry of Texas could find himself on the receiving end on much political let alone Democratic backlash. This is due to remarks about Texas seceding from the Union.
Here are some facts about Texas which is nicknamed the “Lone Star State.” It is the second largest state in the United States. Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth-largest in the entire country.
Texas was originally claimed by Spain. France used to have a colony there. Then it was Mexican territory. Texas would be a republic known as the “Republic of Texas.” Then, it would be annexed into the United States. That did cause further tensions between the United States and Mexico.
So far, it is unknown whether it is an urban myth or not: Texas may have the special right to secede from the Union. However, a Wikipedia entry on that matter states that it is an urban myth. I had first heard about this around 2007 from a friend of mine. Overall, this is an urban myth.
Documents show that no provision was made for the right to secede. Also, it would be illegal under the US Supreme Court ruling of “Texas v. White.”
One can ask: What is the significance of this urban myth?
So far, this may have put Republican Governor Rick Perry of Texas in hot water. Democrats had wasted no time attacking Perry. At a Tea Party rally in Texas, Perry gave the suggestion of the state seceding from the Union.
In an article on Business Insider, a bit of Rick Perry’s background is explained. According to the article, Perry could easily get defeated by GOP Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson in a primary. This is according to the article. It also pointed out some other things about Texas. It adds that it should not be that significant for Perry to talk about Texas seceding from the Union. Overall, the article explains that Perry is probably giving that suggestion to prepare for the primary.
Perry is planning to run for a third term in 2010, which is next year. So far, it is highly believed that Hutchinson is also interested in running for the governor’s position. Perry’s held the seat of Texas Governor since 2000.
While Perry said that it was not an argument, it has brought forth backlash from Democrats. In an Associated Press article on Yahoo! News, Democrats have called Perry’s suggestion as un-American. However, Perry said that Texas should not secede. But, the “joke” about seceding has brought forth political backlash from Democrats.
Perry said that the United States is great. However, the article also points out that Perry is headed for a very difficult re-election campaign. Like the piece on Business Insider, the Associated Press article points out that Perry is going to face a very difficult challenge from Hutchinson.
One could ask: What will the political fallout be with Perry’s remark?
However, this could possibly help Perry out with the conservative base in the reelection. Will this help Perry out in facing off against Hutchinson in the primary? We will have to wait and find out.
Also, another question needs to be asked: Asides from the Democrats, will Republicans and independents join in with criticizing Perry’s remark about seceding?
But, Hutchinson could use that against Perry in the primary as well. One thing is for certain, the GOP primary for Texas governor should be carefully paid attention to.
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