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article imageOctomom Becomes Household Name, Legend Lives On

By Can Tran     Apr 15, 2009 in Entertainment
Just when you thought that the headlines about the notorious “Octomom” would fade away, you thought wrong. However, it is very far from the truth. Now, Octomom will inevitably be a household name.
One could ask: Who is this “Octomom?” If you have carefully been following news reports for the last several months, one would know that Octomom is thirty-three year old Nadya Denise Suleman. She had become famous for having the second full set of living octuplets.
However, Suleman had gained much notoriety. During the time of conception, Suleman had no job. On top of that, she depended on public assistance. This is what the start of the Wikipedia article explains. But, that is the past. This is now. Suleman has already given birth to the octuplets. Yes, they are still alive. However, this story probably will not go away for a very long time.
So far, it would seem that Suleman is milking this for every cent it is worth. According to an article on “The Smoking Gun,” Suleman had trademarked the name of “Octomom.”
Business-wise, that is a pretty smart move.
So far, the name has been trademarked. It is revealed in an article on ABC News, Suleman plans a baby’s clothing line called “Octomom.” Yes, there could be a line of baby clothes called “Octomom” coming to a store near you. Again, one could interpret this as “Octomom Suleman” trying to milk this “sensation” for just about every cent it is worth.
One could ask: Will it yield hefty returns on Suleman’s part? We will have to wait and find out.
However, it does not end there. A Reuters article on Yahoo! News reveals that Suleman and her babies will be part of a documentary series. So far, Suleman insists that it is a documentary series and not a reality TV series.
One could also ask: Is anybody going to care whether this is a reality TV or documentary series?
Suleman said that the series will go on until the octuplets turn eighteen years of age. One could ask: Is Suleman getting a bit ahead of herself? The octuplets were just born. Eighteen years is quite a long time. Anything can happen in one year let alone eighteen years.
During that time, another person could conceive far more babies than Suleman at once. One could clearly assume what the reaction would be if that should ever happen. What one sums up everything, Octomom has become a national sensation.
Like it or not, there is no getting way from the impact of Octomom.
In an article on E! Online, it seems that a few other disgraced individuals are trying to jump on the bandwagon. They are also trying to cash in on Suleman’s fame. Michael Vick plans to make his own documentary series. Disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich will be part of a new reality TV series on NBC this summer called “I’m a Celebritiy…Get Me Out of Here.”
With that respect, Suleman has sparked a new national sensation. With figures like Vick and Blagojevich jumping on and trying to get a piece of this pie, another person can ask: Who and how many more people will attempt to do the same thing? One can assume that national TV could possibly be flooded with such shows in the near future.
In a nutshell, it is highly unlikely that the Octomom sensation will be going away, let alone soon. In the words of the narrator of “Soul Calibur:” the legend will never die. In Suleman’s respect, she has become a notorious legend.
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