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article imageCat Impolitely Interferes with New York Mets Baseball Game

By Carol Forsloff     Apr 14, 2009 in Sports
When cats are in the news, you know it has to be interesting. Tabbys are cute, but wow can they run. Owning one, I know these creatures, so I had to applaud the one that got the best of baseball with the Mets the other day.
It turns out that one of the cats that may have occupied Shea stadium joined the team when they moved to Citi Field. While the Mets were in the third inning of a baseball game against the San Diego Padres, the cat made its move. The play had to be stopped while Daniel Murphy was at the plate and David Wright on deck. The cat went right behind home plate, while making a mad dash around just before that.
This may have been entertaining to some fans, and the folks afterwards, but the disruption was significant enough indeed. The Mets lost the game. Should they chock it up to a crazy cat?
My Mandy the cat would be like that. I keep her indoors. She could certainly get into trouble or get people into trouble as well. The last time she got out of the house, she played on the sidewalk for awhile. Then as I ran to get her, she hid under the house the rest of the day, peeping out to make fun of me during the entire crazy scene. It was particularly difficult when it rained, and I was soaking wet calling for her to come in. Perhaps she was punishing me because she knew I worried about her being outside with nails only on her back feet.
Mandy probably applauded that cat at the baseball game when it was on television this morning and as the whole silly event played out.. She is the type who wants to be noticed and could likely identify with the cat who took center stage at the game. Perhaps she wants to be in the news as well. That's why her picture is on the cover with this article and not the cat in the stadium.
15 minutes of fame, that's all you're likely to get Mandy! You probably won't get the same notice the cat at the Mets game got that is now playing to great numbers on YouTube
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