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article imageOp-Ed: Green hypocrites have soot on face

By Larry Clifton     Apr 14, 2009 in Environment
It was reported on March 23, in the that on Earth Day Al Gore's Nashville mansion left landscaping lights on full throttle.
Al Gore's family has burned an average of $1200 per month in electricity for some time now. How much was your last power bill?
While some say Al Gore is a globe trotting environmental activist, others would argue that he is a power pig who talks the talk without walking the walk. While Gore flies all over the world collecting speaking fees and promoting his personal books and movies, Al Gore's family is busy running up a not-so-Earth-friendly power bill back home, helping to pollute their community with staggering consumption numbers. Such inconvenient truths are common with the green elite. Al Gore's Nashville Mansion is more than 9,000 square feet air conditioned and recent installation of solar panels does not hide the heavy consumptions of the Gore family.
In 2001 Oprah Winfrey wrote a check for over $50,000,000 to pay cash for her 14,000 square foot extravagant Montecito mansion . Oprah's little green cottage in Montecito, California boasts a 2,500 square foot guest house. Oprah has other mansions too, but her total environmental footprint is incalculable since she, like Albert Gore, burns far more fossil fuels jetting trans-global than her 14,000 square foot Montecito mansion can burn up in a year.
Leonardo DiCaprio drives a Prius and installed solar panels on his colossal sugar shack to hide his incredible carbon consumption print. Many of today's environmental polluters pretend that they are thrifty by purchasing carbon credits and cheap cars while they travel extensively in personal jets met at airports by heavy big-engine limousines. While DiCaprio owns other mansions, his LA mansion is a stunning example of a crushing carbon foot print.
Hollywood stars like John Travolta (who actually flies his own Boeing 707) claim to be environmentalists but are by far the most comical caricatures of the hypocritical green people. They represent the very nature of pollution with their indulgent extravaganzas that best characterize the mindless excesses of individual behaviors. The deep and dark environmental carbon footprints of environmentally reckless and incredibly wealthy hypocrites who claim to be green can no longer be denied by the purchase of "carbon credits."
Perhaps an environmental green protest photo of John Travolta with a red circle and diagonal cross is uncalled for, however the average person need not be shamed by such hypocrites and their environmental taunts of green. They are phonies.
Those who preach environmental purity to the masses while living in a mansions and spewing fossil-fuel vapors all over the world from their private jets are not green; they are carbon copy hypocrites.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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