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article imageFirst there was Viagra, now there is PSD502

By Michael Cosgrove     Apr 11, 2009 in Health
The British Journal of Urology International has published the results of a study on a spray designed to reduce premature ejaculation. The spray was developed at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, and the study results are impressive.
The spray, called PSD502, to be applied to the penis five minutes before intercourse, is said not to have any systemic side-effects. Tests were carried out in thirty one test centres in Europe in field conditions and used study groups consisting of three hundred stable couples who were all suffering from male premature ejaculation. It was “placebo-controlled”, which means that half of the men used the real spray whilst the other half used a placebo spray.
The method was simple. Couples rated their results over a three-month period using criteria including length of intercourse, orgasm rating and general sexual satisfaction. They judged the results of their experiences using either a 1 to 4 or a 1 to 5 scale and were asked to record the duration of their lovemaking in general, not just intercourse.
It was found that there were significantly greater sexual satisfaction ratings and longer lovemaking and intercourse times for the group using the PSD502 spray than in the placebo group.
In concrete terms, PSD502 users increased lovemaking time by a factor of around 6, compared to 1.7 for the others. Even more surprisingly, 90% of PSD502 users found on average that their actual intercourse time increased from a few seconds to up to four minutes. PSD502 users also had better scores in terms of general satisfaction.
These results, if true, will be of great benefit to men and couples with problems of premature ejaculation.
However, it would be interesting to see if the same relative effects could be obtained for users with no premature ejaculation problems.
Because if their already good performances could be improved by a factor of 6 by using PDS502, there are going to be a lot of very happy couples out there, and the Guinness Book of Records is going to be very busy the year after the spray is put on the shelves.
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