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Saudi man divorces wife by text message

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 9, 2009 in World
After leaving the country to go to Iraq, a Saudi man sent an SMS message to his wife telling her he is divorcing her. The Saudi court granted him a divorce after verification from two of his relatives.
The man apparently left Saudi Arabia to fight a "jihad" against both the Iraqi government and U.S. forces. While there, he decided to divorce his wife Talaq by sending an SMS message to her. He then called his two relatives to report he was in fact divorcing her, according to the daily newspaper Arab News.
Under Islamic Sharia law, one does not need any witnesses to divorce. It allows a husband to end a relationship by saying the triple talaq. However, there are variations in divorce practices between different sects (Shias, Sunnis, Wahabbis and others) in Islam. To see the various divorce practices of Islam, click here.
The court in the Red Sea city of Jeddah confirmed his divorce this week after two relatives were summoned to verify his divorce intentions.
Arab News claims this is the first known divorce in Saudi Arabia by text message.
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