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In Talking With Iran, Obama Is Posed With Many Obstacles

By Can Tran     Apr 8, 2009 in World
The American journalist, Roxana Saberi, with dual citizenship in the United States and Iran, has been charged by the Iranian government. She is being charged with conducting espionage for the United States.
As the new United States President, Barack Obama is plagued with many domestic and international problems. So far, most of the international problems are within the Middle East. However, all of the Middle East problems can be linked together. There is something that has been linking all of them together: religious extremism. On top of that, it can be linked with what is going on in Pakistan right now. Plus, this can also be linked with tensions between Pakistan and India. One needs to remember the brutal Mumbai Massacre back in late November of 2008.
There are still tensions between the United States and Iran. Overall, this spells out as one of the biggest international challenges for Obama. There are many things that Obama needs to deal with. One of them would be the detainment of American journalist Roxana Saberi. While growing up in North Dakota, she has dual citizenship in both the United States and Iran.
For the last six years, Saberi has lived in Iran working for both National Public Radio and BBC. She was arrested and kept in prison for over two months. Her parents tried to seek her freedom. But, that possibility was shot down.
First, she was charged with working in Iran without press credentials. Then, she was arrested after buying alcohol. Now, the judge is charging her with espionage.
According to Judge Heidarifard (the first name was not given), Saberi was using the position as journalist as a cover. On top of that, she sent information gained from visiting government facilities to the US.
So far, it is making waves. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is calling for Saberi’s release. One could ask: What will be the fate of Roxana Saberi? So far, this could make things more complicated in talks with Iran.
In that respect, the Obama administration will be engaging in group talks with Iran in regards to its nuclear program. This is considered another 180 degree turn from the policies of his predecessor, former President George W. Bush.
Clinton in that regard said careful pursuit makes sense. She said: “There is nothing more important than trying to convince Iran to cease its efforts to obtain a nuclear weapon.” If and when there are talks, there is the possibility of the topic of Saberi’s detainment of being tossed in as well.
These two are some of the issues that Obama must face in regards to Iran. On top of that, the US has made the move against arms imports to Iran. So far, this is going to bring China into the mix as well. Li Fang Wei and his company known as “LIMMT Economic and Trade Co. Ltd” have been indicted on 118 counts. However, six Iranian companies have been implicated by the US Treasury as well.
Overall, this could inevitably bring China into the mix. According to a “Brisbane Times” article, Iran had increased its shopping for nuclear components. This could possibly be grouped with the piece in “The National,” which explains the indictment of Li Fang Wei.
In the Brisbane Times article, German industrialist Ralf Wirtz, said that Iran has been using Chinese companies to buy nuclear equipment. Wirtz explains that in the last several months, that there has been an increase of attempted purchases. This further reinforces that China could be thrown into the mix soon enough.
Overall, this spells out a major obstacle for Obama. A few days ago, Obama reached out to the Muslim community on an international level. Obama said that the United States is not against Islam. In short, he wants to reach out. While there is support, there is criticism. That also spells out a major obstacle for Obama. On top of that, this effort can be linked with Iran. When everything is factored together, Iran poses many obstacles for Obama.
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