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article imageAre Angels and Demons Among Us? Special

By Carol Forsloff     Apr 7, 2009 in World
With the upcoming film Angels and Demons one wonders how many people really believe in them. Do they exist and what are their function? It turns out that many people believe in them and think they have a purpose in our lives.
I interviewed Dr. Valerie Francis about her beliefs about angels. She is a gospel and classical singer, teacher of music, who is active in her church community who has studied matters of faith and sings about her faith in concerts around the United States. I believed because of that she would have interest in the subject of angels so I inquired about her beliefs. Francis said,” I believe in angels. In fact I had a personal experience with one after I had some problems at work.” Then she proceeded to tell me her story.
Francis, after an eventful day with numerous conflicts, stopped at a gas station to get something to eat on her way home. She only had a few dollars with her at the time. As she reached the door, she saw an old man on the side area with a back pack who looked like one of the poor and homeless that are sometimes seen around small convenience stores. She reached into her purse and gave the man several dollars for food and said, “God loves you.” He answered, “God loves you too.” She told me that she will never be able to forget the man's face because it was so kind and because his eyes were deep blue and as vast-appearing as the ocean. She had been astounded when she gazed at him and noticed his eyes that were penetrating and beautiful. His hair was white, his countenance gentle; and she felt warmed after she left him and went into the store. After just a few minutes, Francis came outside and noticed the man wasn't there anymore, but his pack and other belongings remained.
Ever after since then Francis has wondered whether or not the old man was an angel. She had such a sad day, losing a job she loved; and here was someone who appeared to give back love and good attention. Francis is like many who report angels who come into their lives, because nearly 70% of Americans believe in angels, according to recent news on the subject.
In the United States, 92 per cent of the population believes in God or a universal spirit. Americans, however are open-minded with respect to acceptance of others, although that is across the country on average as opposed to certain segments of the population that may reside where particular fundamental groups reside. For most of them angels are part of that overall belief, including some who call themselves atheist.
Are there angels in our midst? Some people say they are, and at certain holy days the conversation surrounds subjects about religion. The fact that God and the church are investigated by film, through The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons means these conversations are important to many who believe that matters of faith or lack of it are valuable issues in the culture, including those about angels.
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