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article imageIn Wake Of North Korea's 'Rocket Fail,' It Has World's Attention

By Can Tran     Apr 5, 2009 in World
So far, it was revealed that North Korea’s rocket launch could be considered an “epic fail.” However, that had gotten the world’s undivided attention. United States President Barack Obama has urged action against North Korea.
The world has been kept on its toes as of late. So far, it would seem that the issue of North Korea could be a major rising international problem for United States President Barack Obama. Perhaps North Korea wants to get Obama’s attention. Upon taking the mantle of the United States President, Obama has been plagued with a slew of domestic and international problems.
Recently, North Korea had plans to launch a rocket up into space. However, it had brought concern that it could carry warheads. If that was the case, it could hit the western part of the United States.
However, North Korea’s rocket launch was considered a “bust.” But, is it really a “bust” or “epic fail” for North Korea? Even though the launch was considered to be a failure, North Korea has placed itself on the international hot seat.
According to an Associated Press article on Yahoo! News, the rocket launch has gotten Obama’s attention. He and United States allies are seeking punishment towards North Korea’s government. So far, it has brought forth much fear.
North Korea broke the rules, once again, by testing a rocket that could be used for long-range missiles,” Obama explained while visiting Prague, Czech Republic.
One could ask: Is Kim Jong Il trying to hit the country or is he looking for attention? The article also states that Kim Jong Il could possibly be taking a page from the movie called “The Mouse That Roared.” It is revealed that he is into films.
On a side note, there is a theatrical production of the story. The story of The Mouse That Roared focuses on a fictional made up country called the “Duchy of Grand Fenwick.” It uses comedy to comment on politics and the world environment. The tiny country is 3 miles x 5 miles. Its main commodity is wine.
It was “declaring” war to get assistance via the "Marshall Plan." However, it doesn’t go as planned. Grand Fenwick ends up “winning” by the stroke of accidental luck. The movie version stars Peter Sellers.
Still, it has put people on high alert. However, Russia’s government has urged restraint. Regardless, the rocket launch has gotten the world’s undivided attention. China had also joined in with Russia.
In an AFP article, it is revealed that the UN Security Council is having a closed-door meeting on the issue. The United States and Japan requested the meeting of the UN Security Council.
Rules must be binding, violations must be punished, words must mean something,” Obama said.
So far, it has caused fears on the west coat of North America. It is estimated that if the launch was successful and that it did have a nuke, Alaska and Hawaii are in possible range. However, it does bring alarm for the entire Pacific Ocean.
Overall, Russia and China have urged restraint. In wake of the fears, Obama had unleashed a new ambitious and lofty goal: getting rid of all nuclear weapons from the world. Yes, Obama said he wants to do away with every nuclear weapon in the world.
However, Obama outlined the reality of such a goal.
This goal will not be reached quickly – perhaps not in my lifetime,” he said. Perhaps Obama is outlining the first steps to such a goal and someone else can take over after his lifetime.
However, the possibility is not well received. On a side note, Obama made the announcement of the goal before news of North Korea’s rocket launch. Overall, Obama had issued a goal that probably will not be reached anywhere in his life. However, is it possible to actually do away with all nuclear arms? On top of that, North Korea is getting the world’s attention.
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