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Child Critically Wounded In Attack, Two Children Are Suspects

By KJ Mullins     Apr 5, 2009 in Crime
One child is cut from head to toe and another in critical condition after being attacked by two other children demanding their shoes, money and mobile phones. The crime is breaking the heart of those that reside in Edlington, Doncaster, South Yorkshire.
An eleven-year-old is fighting for his life in Edlington, Doncaster, South Yorkshire after and his friend is struggling to deal with a knife attack. Two other children are suspected of crime.
The crime has shocked the community with the horrific tale of two children being brutalized by other children. The younger of the boys attacked wandered the streets coated in his own blood from numerous stab wounds until a man brought him into his home and called an ambulance.The Daily News reports that Derek Wright rescued the child.
Mrs Wright, 68, said: 'My husband saw him walking past the outside of our house and he was covered in what my husband thought was red paint. When he went out he saw it was blood.
'We brought him in and my husband calmed him down. He had a big gash on his arm and he was covered in blood on his head. He was shaking very badly and going into shock.
'He had no shoes or socks on and he was wet through. To me I thought he had been in water, that's what it looked like from the waist down, he was just wet through.
'My husband got a few words out of him, what his name was and that two boys had attacked him.'
It's being reported that the two young boys were confronted by the other children while bike riding.
The two suspects demanded that the children hand over their cell phones, money and shoes. When the two resisted the attackers tortured them with burning cigarettes, stabbed them from head to toe and beat them with bricks according to witnesses.
The child now in critical condition was pushed down a 30ft embankment. He was found at the bottom of the embankment semi-conscious. He was then air-lifted to hospital. The younger child is being treated at at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.
The Daily Mail reports:
A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said: 'An 11-year-old boy was found partially conscious with life-threatening injuries to his head.
'He was airlifted to Sheffield Children's Hospital and placed in intensive care. His condition was described as critical but stable.'
The police have arrested two boys, aged 10 and 11 in connection with the attack.
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