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article imageWhat Makes Purses Say 'Take Me' to Thieves, Lovers, Employers Special

By Carol Forsloff     Apr 5, 2009 in Crime
While traveling, Americans have more to fear from thieves than they do from terrorists, according to the news. Purses are easy targets. So what do they say that says “take me” to lovers, potential employers and thieves.
Purse snatching goes on everywhere. Travel experts advise Americans to travel but to be careful because Westerners are targets in many places. South Korea has travel warnings now. Rome has had recommendations regularly on how to avoid being a victim of purse snatching. News about purse snatchers is everywhere these days, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to places in the Far East. The recession brings out desperate folk, but hurts local economies because it brings up the crime rate. So it can be a big deal to the region or to crime victims.
Purses in fashion include concerns about whether or not pricey purses will turn men on or off. The question is asked; the answers not given. It is likely there are men of different tastes. Those who want money and a certain class will look for a Prada person. Others will look for that casual bag that says “I am casual too,” as purse connoisseurs maintain. Randy Stelly, man about town in Natchitoches, told me, with his usual good humor of course, it isn't important that women's bags be expensive, it's whether or not they coordinate with an outfit. A purple bag and an orange dress just wouldn't work, he declares.
Lifestyle news has purses as well, but the question posed has to do with what purses tell about women and what signals they might give others. The news a few years ago related how purses organization tells something about how an individual organizes information and what she thinks about herself. A well-organized purse might be the right signal to give a prospective employer.
Pat Hoover, a Natchitoches woman who likes to look good, told me she picks out the classy, the sophisticated look,in a purse, something with style that says “I'm not a quick pick-up.” She's the type who likes big bags where she can include everything from notepads to extra stockings. She could be a target for purse snatchers in some places, because big bags that are classy-looking are the type authorities say thieves target.
News about purses might not make someone blush, or tremble, unless caught getting into a woman's purse without permission, but it certainly shows that the mundane can be marvelous if one just looks around. Furthermore the purse we carry can tell a thief to stay away or that there is something great to steal, especially when traveling around. It also can say to an employer, "please hire me; I am organized." A lover might come hither or flee away, depending upon the bag.
So a bag can make a big difference..
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