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article imageOp-Ed: How dangerous is Jenny McCarthy?

By Bart B. Van Bockstaele     Apr 5, 2009 in Health
Actress Jenny McCarthy is best known for her campaign that warns against the dangers of vaccination. A new website has now been brought online to show the results of her work.
Jenny McCarthy is probably best known as a spokesperson for the growing anti-vaccination movement. In spite of what many people think, the anti-vaccination movement is not a recent phenomenon. It is actually older than most of us alive today.
One of the more vocal groups in the anti-vaccination movement are many homeopaths. This is actually slightly surprising, since vaccinations are just about the one thing that superficially resembles their creed of similia similibus curentur (like cures like). The homeopaths' objections weren't taken too seriously, and for good reason: vaccination works.
When Andrew Wakefield published a controversial study about a connection between autism and vaccines, the anti-vaccination movement bloomed again. All types of wild guesswork were advanced of why vaccinations are so horrible, all of which have been shown to be completely unsupported by evidence.
That doesn't deter the believers in the awful nature of vaccines, however, and when starlet Jenny McCarthy started to advocate against vaccines, they knew they had a strong ally. After all, if we can believe someone who knows nothing about the subject, why bother believing those who do?
I have talked about Jenny McCarthy and the danger she represents before, and a plethora of websites have discussed the issue in depth, but a new website takes a different approach: instead of explaining why Jenny McCarthy is wrong, and why what she stands for is dangerous, they show it.
Although many people look at the alternative medicine phenomenon with some bemusement, and don't take it seriously, the Jenny McCarthy Body Count shows that this is the wrong attitude, at least in the case of the anti-vaccine movement.
Body Count? Jawohl. The decision not to vaccinate one's children is a dangerous one. Vaccines exist for a reason: to protect the vaccinated against dangerous diseases, diseases that can have debilitating consequences, or death.
By advocating against vaccination, even though it has recently been watered down to "Green our vaccines", Jenny McCarthy could well be indirectly responsible for some of the illnesses or deaths caused by the decision not to vaccinate.
The website admits that it is impossible to prove that Jenny McCarthy is directly or indirectly responsible for any diseases or deaths.
However, the danger of not vaccinating is real, and the fact that Jenny McCarthy has chosen to become a vocal advocate for the anti-vaccine movement, makes her a logical, although slightly inexpensive target for this website.
The website plans to show the number of vaccine preventable illnesses and deaths since June 2007, the time when Jenny McCarthy began to speak out against vaccines in public.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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