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Mudslide Damages Homes on Whidbey Island

By Bob Ewing     Apr 4, 2009 in Environment
There may have been a dozen waterfront homes were damaged on Whidbey Island after a 6-foot wall of mud and logs came barreling down a hillside and smashed into them.
Reports say a beaver dam blocking a culvert uphill from the homes broke loose at about 7 a.m., sending a wall of mud and debris tumbling downhill toward Puget Sound near the Clinton ferry terminal.
Several homes were flooded and some suffered foundation damage. Some residents of the area had been evacuated overnight because of the danger, and no one was injured.
A 100- to 150-foot stretch of Glendale Road was washed out.
"It caused a lot of damage because there was a lot of trees and debris," said Island County Sheriff Mark Brown.
One homeowner in the area, Dan Montecalvo, called the experience "the scariest moment of my whole life."
"I heard a large crack - it sounded like an earthquake - and then this whole wall of water hit my house, lifted it up, put it down," he said.
"It was probably about a 6-foot wall of water that came through there."
County crews are removing debris and repairing the road.
No one was injured and residents had been evacuated overnight because of the danger.
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