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MRI dislodges rusty nail embedded in man's nasal cavity

By Nikki Weingartner     Apr 4, 2009 in Food
After 30 years of unknowingly being embedded in the nasal cavity, a routine medical uncovers and helps expel a pretty common object.: a one-inch metal nail.
Stories about items left inside after surgery, only to be found years later are not unheard of but how when the medical procedure uncovers a hidden treasure? A simple MRI caused one patient some substantial facial discomfort, only to cause him to get rid of the problem a few moments later.
A man in his seventies was in the middle of an MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan that had to be stopped due to a metal object lodged in the gentleman's face. According to a local report:
Prax Sanchez went to a hospital for an MRI. "When I went to lay down on the MRI machine, I had a real pain on my right side under my eye"
A short time later, Sanchez coughed up a 1-inch old and rusty nail. Doctors believe that the metal nail had been in his nasal cavity for as long as 30 years protected by a membrane and had become dislodged due to the magnetic force of the procedure. An X-Ray Sanchez had prior to the MRI revealed the metal object on a second look after the bizarre incident.
The patient has no idea how the offending object made its way in but now that its out, he did say "I'll probably frame it."
A true metal head!
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