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article imageOp-Ed: Rush Limbaugh To Leave New York, Not a Moment Too Soon

By Lance Lasheras     Apr 3, 2009 in Politics
Being referred to as loud, mean spirited, and uneducated would be compliments to a man as notorious as Rush Limbaugh. With the announcement that he is leaving New York, Limbaugh finally allowed its citizens to do what he finds difficult: breathe easy.
As he sits in a chair soiled with years of small minded hatred, Rush Limbaugh has a lot to be thankful for. After all, despite being one of the most despised and rampant figures in popular culture, he still enjoys a high stature amongst one of the two major political parties in the United States. In fact when Rahm Emanuel was asked who was the face of the Republican Party, he responded with: Rush Limbaugh. His fame appears to only multiply with each abhorrent comment that drips from his mumbling chin. While the liberals might cling to a fat manipulating film maker, the Republicans favor a radio jock respectively. With his latest eight year radio contract estimated at almost $400 million dollars, there's no denying that Rush Limbaugh has a lot to be thankful for.
Despite the stain of his presence in one of America's most culturally diverse cities, he still continues to thrive. It's difficult to pin point where exactly Mr.Limbaugh string of fortune began. Even when Mr.Limbaugh had to drop out of college he was still lucky. His mother claimed he had flunked nearly every class, but that didn't stop good 'ol Rush. He went on to become a host on ESPN; until his comments were considered too racist and he was fired from the network. That of course opened the window for his radio show which really gave birth to the maniacal Limbaugh franchise.
Although high ratings come with a higher salary, which naturally leads to higher temptations. Despite being a vocal supporter of the drug war and religious morality he eventually admitted to having a prescription drug addiction. On April 26, 2006 Limbaugh was arrested for doctor shopping. In layman terms, it meant he was getting multiple prescriptions from different physicians without without their knowledge. Nonetheless Rush went on to attack other peoples drug use, or lack thereof. That same year on his radio show Rush publicly denounced Michael J.Fox for allegedly exaggerating the symptoms Parkinson's disease. Rush claimed that Michael had skipped taking his medication in a fiendish attempt to derive empathy from a tv audience for political gain. Subsequently Michael J.Fox went on Katie Courics Eye To Eye to announce: the great irony of this is that a side effect of the medication I take is more erratic behavior. If it wasn't for my medication I wouldn't even be able to move.
In 2009 his criticisms of the Obama election and administration continue to garner him attention. Whether it's hoping that Obama will fail, or calling him "Barack The Magic Negro", Limbaugh has brought his unique form of slander past the Bush era. Most recently Mr.Limbaugh expressed such utter disdain for the state of the handling of the economy that he is finally moving out of New York. Upsetting only the strange minority who cling to his aging ideals, Limbaugh's announcement was nothing short of a miracle to the states populace.
Now we can sit back and wait while he clicks his shoes together three times, and goes back to the 1930's.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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