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Snap On Teeth Dental Cosmetics

By Rhonda Straw     Apr 2, 2009 in Health
The newest item in dental news? Snap on teeth!They are fitted by a dentist, and last for five years. At first, they require getting used to...
People want whiter, straighter, gorgeous teeth. A Boca Raton cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mitchell A. Pohl, in conjunction with the Manhattan Dental Arts, has invented a replacement for veneers and crowns that is worth checking out. According to the KVBC news, they are resin based teeth, costing around $1,000.00-$1,500.00, and are fitted to the mouth of the customer. What makes this product unique is the fact that they replace expensive dentures, and come without the drills and caps.
There are a few restrictions to consider. The snap on teeth are not suggested for those with gum disease, or severe tooth decay. It takes some work to find a cosmetic dentist to apply them. They last for 5 years, and can take a little getting used to.
The first step in purchasing the snap on teeth, is to make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. Once the appointment is made, an impression is obtained of the mouth, and then the snap on teeth are designed. New York dentist Jeff Golub-Evans, is one of the cosmetic dentists available for the procedure. His career began as making prosthetic teeth for celebrities in theater. Later, he began making snap-on teeth for clients who are not celebrities.
Chicago dentist, Arvid Saunaitis, created a set of snap on teeth for himself, first. According to KVBC news, he never smiled, and talked like a ventriloquist. When he made the prosthetic, his wife said, "Now look at his smile."
Chicago mother, Judy, said, "It looks and feels great." She has an upper denture, and eventually it would wore down her teeth. Her dentist said, "She most likely would have lost most of her bottom teeth. Most dentists would have taken them out and make her a denture."
Doctor Steven Wasowicz, who also resides in Chicago, fits snap on teeth, over existing teeth. He stresses the importance of oral hygiene while wearing the snap-on teeth. Food and particles can get caught in between the snap on teeth,and real teeth.
To find a dentist in your area that does this work, here are a few websites to help you out:
Boca Raton dentists
Dentist Locator
Always be sure that the dentist is board certified.
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