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Roxana's Parents To Go To Iran, Authorities 'Speeding Up' Release

By Johnny Simpson     Mar 30, 2009 in World
An AP report confirms that Roxana Saberi's parents will be leaving for Iran next Monday. Fox News also reports that Roxana's father, Reza Saberi, has received word that Iranian authorities are working to speed up her release from Evin prison.
First up from AP, on Roxana's parents Reza and Akiko Saberi traveling to Iran:
The father of an imprisoned American journalist says he and his wife are leaving Fargo for Iran to see his daughter and speed her release. Reza Saberi says he and his wife Akiko are leaving Monday and hope to be in Tehran by Wednesday.
Iranian officials say Roxana Saberi was arrested for working in the country after her press credentials expired. Her parents found out about her arrest in a Feb. 10 phone call from her. Saberi grew up in Fargo and is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Iran, and has reported for several news organizations.
This trip to Iran by Roxana's parents was rumored for some time now, but appears to be official today.
Next up, FOX News on Iranian authorities' attempts to 'speed up' Roxana's release:
Reza Saberi said he has been hearing word that Iranian officials are going to "speed up the process" of releasing his daughter, but he said "there's still some work to do."
Though the above news appears encouraging, most certainly to Roxana's parents, so was the news that Roxana would 'soon' be released from Iranian custody after SOS Clinton's demand. That was 24 days ago.
Given the nature and history of the Iranian regime in similar circumstances, I would speculate from this news that the regime may be planning to release Roxana into the custody of her parents in the form of a 'gift' in a whirlwind PR maneuver, much as the release of fifteen captured British sailors from Iranian custody in 2007 was deemed a 'gift' by the Iranian regime toward Britain.
Conversely, the bad PR the Iranian regime would get from the world press, should they watch Roxana's broken-hearted parents leave Iran empty-handed after visiting her in Evin prison, would be far less kinder to the regime in Iran than the former option. Time will tell. I only hope and pray Roxana comes home soon.
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