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article imageExperts Concerned Dangerous Computer Worm Could Attack April 1

By Carol Forsloff     Mar 29, 2009 in Technology
A worm called Confickr is working its way across the world, possibly affecting 10 million computers. The worm is living on computers in corporations, sleeping like a sleeper cell, according to a 60 Minutes report today.
The buzz has been brewing for awhile that April 1 is the date the worm may strike. Graham Cluley, of the security specialist Sophos, claims that Confickr C is programmed “to hunt for new instructions on April 1.″ The worm is now waiting for these future instructions, 60 Minutes experts maintain. Once a hacker issues instructions it could be menacing in minutes, like getting passwords and making money transfers. Social networking sites could be a target. A worm could invade an account where people will open material from trusted friends. Sensitive material can be found, with hackers following an individual to wherever they might surf on the Internet.
This Conflicr isn't the first of its kind, but it is considered particularly awful this time. Versions A and B were followed by PC Magazine and tech experts. Conficker C is said to be far more complicated and powerful, and no one knows what exactly will happen when those instructions are given during D-Day strikes. Folks know that the malware will be set off but no one knows exactly when.
60 Minutes reports that the Internet has become a minefield all the way to Too few people have up-to -date software to protect their computers. There are 10 to 15 thousand viruses created every day, trying to outwit virus protection software. In 60 minutes a software can block 40,000 viruses in an hour, experts maintained on the 60 minute Sunday broadcast..
Hackers can move money in bank accounts and get the money transferred overseas. This can create havoc in financial systems. Technical websites have been reporting on this problem of Confickr for several months, with MX Logic reporting 3.5 systems infected by January this year.
The search engine Google is trying to help by highlighting sites where infection is found.. Google's position is that it isn't the policemen of the Internet, but it is involved in researching viruses and bad sites. They put warnings on some of these sites.
1 in 4 Americans have been affected, according to sources reported by 60 Minutes. There are corporations who are hired to track hackers. They infiltrate chat rooms where people sell their worms and viruses to others. According to these experts, hackers are typically young males from Russia. Many of them are in cyber gangs that exhibit American symbols. A hacker is said to be able to make $30,000 in a month and then be praised in local newspapers for cheating Westerners. Russian authorities don't pay attention and look the other way, 60 Minutes maintains.
No one knows who is beyond Conficker. It is said that the worm is wily and can jump over Internet protection firewalls. It struck at CBS where people had trouble with logging into their computers. It took technicians 10 days to quarantine the computers following the attack. At present the CBS technicians don't know how the network became infected, but they maintain that Conflicker could still be lurking somewhere on the media network waiting to attack. They worry that the attack might come on April 1 and spread beyond to the far reaches of the Internet creating major havoc everywhere.
Updates on the worm are said to be found here.
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