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Portsmouth Ohio Business Man Shot and Killed In His Office

By Brenda Bramblette     Mar 29, 2009 in Crime
Fredrick (Fred) Lee Rowles 57 was found shot to death December 28th 2008 three days after celebrating Christmas with is family. Three months later, the family still wonders who could commit this crime.
On December 28th 2008 Fredrick Lee Rowles 57, president of Bug Free Pest Control Systems was found shot to death in one of his family owned businesses.
Officers arrived at the scene to find the back door open on the north side of Mr. Rowles place of business Bug Free Pest Control Systems, INC. at 510 Offner St. Portsmouth, Ohio.
The alarm from Look-in Good Hair & Tanning Salon another business owned by Fred Rowles and wife Jill is next door. It was that alarm that alerted police of a problem. Bug Free Control Systems, Inc. is where Fred Rowles' body was found.
Upon arrival police found two cups of warm coffee on a desk. On the floor the body of Fred Rowles was found he'd been shot and killed execution style.
Sources say a few people have been questioned in this tragic murdered but no arrests have been made.
This murder is a loss and a shock to those who know Jill and Fred. Three months later family and friends are saddened and confused by this useless crime and wondering why anyone would do such a violent act on a good family like the Rowles.
When you set on the river banks you can look across to Kentucky and you are surrounded by green full lushes trees and rolling hills but the drug activity and crime is taking over the beauty.
Along with Jill and Fred Rowles businesses they were busy raising two grandchildren. "This is a couple that were truly in love" and should of had a long full life ahead of them. Mrs. Rowles is under close supervision with her doctors.
So now what happen's to the grandchildren one ask's? The location of the grandchildren father is needed
If anyone knows the location of the father of the two grandchildren Curtis "Adrian" Jordan, please contact the Portsmouth Police Department. He is desperately needed in Portsmouth , Ohio.
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