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Saudi Arabia Women Launch Boycott

By Rhonda Straw     Mar 26, 2009 in Lifestyle
In public, women in Saudi Arabia are required to wear black robes and black head coverings. This is not required in the home, where sexy lingerie is allowed.
Thongs, lacy bras, panties, and frilly lingerie are a hit with Saudi Arabia women. But the country has only male salesmen. Apparently, this policy is to keep women from dealing with male customers. Which poses a problem. A group of Saudi women got tired of having to deal with male staff, when buying bras and panties, and they have launched a campaign that will boycott lingerie stores until they start employing women.
That's not the worst of this controversy, read on.
Imagine, if you can, United State's Victoria Secret Stores. The knowledgeable sales ladies are conveniently located for personal bra fittings, towards the private fitting room area, with a tape measure, and very eager to help. It is comfortable, and modest. Most females feel like they are taken care of appropriately, in a private bra fitting session. They leave the store with a bra that fits well. They will return to the store cause of the personal service they received.
Saudi Arabia is opposite. The awkward part is that men in lingerie stores are discussing thongs and bras and panties with these women, and suggesting lacy lingerie with them, in a country where fitting rooms are banned. Just like women in the United states, Saudi Arabia women don't undress in the store, in public, and they leave the store having no idea if it fits. They are a private society, and the male salesmen make the women feel embarrassed. Especially when the male salesmen demonstrates how to remove stains in the cotton gusset of the underwear, or try to guess women's cup size.
The stores feature headless mannequins in shop windows, wearing pajamas. This is in keeping with the country's ban on realistic description of women. There are racks inside of lacy lingerie, thongs, bras, and more conventional underwear.
The country's policy is an embarrassment for female customers, and the males that are accompanying them.
“When I buy underwear in Saudi, some salesmen say, ‘This is not the right size for you,’ ” said Huda Batterjee, a female customer who went abroad to buy her wedding lingerie. “You feel almost taken advantage of. Why is he looking at me in this way?”
Salesmen in a Ridyah mall blush when they are asked about their job. They are backing the campaign to hire female sales staff. Other countries don't have men selling lingerie to women, it's embarrassing, is the comments heard from females in the mall.
Quotes Huda Batterjee's sister, Modie Batterjee : “I have bras with sizes ranging from 32 to 38 because I can’t get to try them on,”
She is an organizer of the boycott.
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