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article imageOp-Ed: Actor's Father Arrested in Iran For Son's Role in 'The Wrestler'

By Johnny Simpson     Mar 25, 2009 in Entertainment
According to Gawker, the father of actor Armin Amiri was arrested in Iran for his son's blasphemous role in The Wrestler. Armin received an hysterical call by his mother on March 18th. What more does Iran's Thugocracy have to do before people wake up?
From Gawker:
Iran continues to dislike Hollywood, it would seem. Actor Armin Amiri, who briefly appeared in the Iranian-flag-ripping movie The Wrestler, recently learned that his father was arrested in Tehran.
Amiri, also a former club owner, got a call from his hysterical mother, saying that his father had been arrested on suspicion of helping his son escape Iran 20 years ago, only so said son could go and blaspheme the nation terribly:
"They came and picked him up at 7:30 in the morning, and basically they were asking about me because of my role in The Wrestler.
"They were saying I was a traitor, and also because of my playing a gay character [in Factory Girl], the F-word got thrown around a couple times."
Mr. Amiri's father was eventually released unharmed.
More on this story from the New York Observer and Here's the Google listing.
Though Mr. Amiri's father may have been released, he should have never been arrested in the first place! For his son's bit part role in The Wrestler? Are you shitting me? The Iranians were also upset Mr. Amiri played a gay character in the film Factory Girl. In case you didn't know, the Iranian thugocracy doesn't like gays much. Just like the Nazis didn't like Jews. Not that you'd hear that from our Invisible Press!
Is anyone else smelling the Gestapo in all this?
This is actually quite typical for totalitarian dictatorships like Iran's Thugocracy. They offend the world beyond belief with their mayhem and blood thirst, yet take violent offense at every slight real or imagined.
Anyone who thinks that there is any hope for a civilized relationship with a bloodthirsty nightmare regime that muzzles its press, crushes dissent, murders bloggers, exterminates gays, brutalizes women, executes the children they aren't conditioning and training for martyrdom operations, responds to Obama's olive branch with Death To America rallies, holds two of our citizens hostage, and has been a pestilence on this earth both at home and abroad for thirty long hellish years had better WAKE UP!
And all that's just the SHORT list!
BTW My pieces are all dedicated to Roxana Saberi, until she is home safe and out of today's Third Reich.
Here are the contacts. Again. For Day Nineteen of the Roxana Saberi Hostage Crisis.
Here's the White House. Here's the State Department. Here's Congress.
Many thanks to the North Dakota House for their efforts to free Roxana. 1 down, 56 to go. Many kudos also to NPR, ABC, the BBC and the CPJ for their 10,000+ signature petition and strong words.
As opposed to the Invisible Press: the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NBC, CBS, and AP.
You can give the hopelessly hopeful Daily KOS a HuffPo a shout-out, too.
Never forget Roxana Saberi. Let's get her out of that House of Torture in Iran and home where she belongs. Her parents are really worried for her, and so am I. Knowing the real Iran now, so should you.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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