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article imageCanada Launched Awareness Campaign to Celebrate World Water Day

By Leo Reyes     Mar 22, 2009 in Environment
Canada is holding several programs across the nation aimed at creating awareness among its people on the importance of water in observance of the World Water Day
This is part of the continuing mini series (#2) on the observance of World Water Day, a United Nations project that aims to create people’s awareness on the importance of conserving water throughout the world.
In Alberta, Canada, the Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology is inviting families to join it annual Water Day Celebrations:
This year we’re having a ‘Wave maker celebration’. Water is one of Alberta’s most precious resources, and it is an issue that Albertans of all ages are motivated to address on a personal level. We want to celebrate the actions of Albertans with you!
There are seven other events that the Canadians have prepared for the occasion:
With the number of events that Canada has prepared for the occasion, Canadians will be able to appreciate more the importance and value of conserving water for everyone to enjoy.
In China, the government and NGOs are focusing on waste water treatment for this year’s World Water Day.
The China Waste water treatment of 2009 is a major event that will be held on June 11 in Beijing, China. The event will feature:
---An exclusive meet-and-greet occasion gathering 200+ top professionals from global waste water fraternity
---In-depth insights into China’s current lack of sufficient capital, treatment technology and operational expertise arising from the endeavor to significantly increase waste water treatment ratio
---Constructive proposals in terms of response strategies to the 4 trillion yuan stimulus package
---Thorough analysis of China’s waste water treatment market as a port of shelter from global financial tsunami
---Comprehensive evaluation of the changes, opportunities and growth strategies in the industrial waste water treatment market
Water and wastewater experts throughout the world will be invited to share their expertise.
In Croatia, elementary school pupils will board a tourist boat and will be treated to a lively discussion about the subject.
On Monday, 23 March 2009, at 11 am on a tourist boat „Croat“, while cruising the rivers Sava and Kupa, there will be panel discussions „About the water on the water“ which will be marked World water day.
Presentations will be held by pupils of the two elementary schools with status of international eco-schools, „22nd June“and „Ivan Kukuljevic“.
On the panel will participate PhD Zdravko Spiric from OIKON – Institute for Applied ecology, Zagreb, who will deliver appropriate lecture on Water.
The panel will open Mr. Dinko Pintaric, the Mayor of the City of Sisak
In Egypt, they are holding their third International Water Festival under the theme: ‘Shred Water-Shared Opportunities’ and another event by the African Network of Environmental Journalists called the ‘Happy World Water Day’.
In Findland, they have an event call ‘Water Days’ which starts on March 18 till March 22. 2009. The program for the water days include:
• The Helsinki Water Company presents the water foot mark. How much water all of us consume every day?
• In the exhibition there is an animation about how the water comes from the Helsinki Water company to SEA LIFE
• Water track. Find water questions and answers in the exhibition. All participants are rewarded
- Info about water especially clean water
Water Carnival program 22.3.
• SEA Life’s mascots Shark and Seahorse will visit the exhibition
• Dino Dig treasure hunt. In the new exhibition there is a sand box where there are a lot of hidden fossils to be found.
• Balloon artist
• Lucky dip
Next in the series: Germany, Greece, Hungary and India
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