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article imageOp-Ed: One Critic's Review of 'Team Oscar Goes To Hell'

By Johnny Simpson     Mar 19, 2009 in Entertainment
Since Team Oscar first took to the Unfriendly Skies to share tea, finger cookies and film seminars with the hostage-takers, gay butchers and now-blogger killers of Iran, it's been quite the show. Plenty to date to make you hurl in your popcorn bucket.
Ladies and Germs, here's the play-by-play skinny on:
On With The Show!
That Team Oscar even went to Iran in the first place was an abortion. It spit in the face of everything Hollywood should represent. I knew that before they even left. And it only kept getting worse. For them.
For me? Definitely better!
Here is the background on why the AMPAS trip was such a horrendous mistake to begin with. Third Reich? Strong statement? You look at all the links, refs, videos and pictures and you tell me. Dead-on match!
BTW Here are the Iran film industry experts they've been giving film seminars to. Just look at the titles.
And all the while Team Oscar is sipping tea with the most foul creatures on this earth, Roxana Saberi is rotting and no doubt being terrorized in one of the worst hellholes on earth right downtown. And that's not to mention the sick and brutal Gay Holocaust in Iran Team Oscar and the press totally papered over, and still do even today, in order to give Hollywood Diplomacy a shot. Wasn't like they didn't know. I told them.
Loudly! And repeatedly! Yet they still went. Even after all Penn and Black had pleaded for at the Oscars.
No public statements on the Gay Holocaust in Iran from Team Oscar either, although Ms. Bening and Ms. Woodard looked stunning in their new burqas. Nothing against burqas, but if I were them I would have worn Western dress the whole time to make a statement to Iranian women, instead of letting the Mad Mullahs wrap us all up like mummies, so we look like all the other oppressed women in Iran!
Hmm. Not sure if that qualifies as a punking. The Iranian Thugocracy is so good at this stuff, you just never know. They've been punking us with Roxana Saberi for fourteen straight days! They had me punked for five, and I've been reporting on all their punking! How great is that? Like cats on a string. You look at the history and YOU tell me. What do you see and hear? I see PUNKS! Just like Hitler and his gang of Nazi punks!
Speaking of punks, the first real Iranian punking of Team Oscar. Then the second. And a third.
I stopped counting at six. The punking just never stops in Punkedville!
Even the punks demanding apologies for 300 and The Wrestler got punked! No one is safe in Punkedville!
Oh, and then Iran's Gestapo leaders and their Hamas and Hezbollah Blackshirts rallied in the streets of Tehran for innocent BFF Omar Bashir, and by default the genocide he committed and is STILL committing in Sudan. Here's the Big Picture. If you know that your host nation is throwing genocide parties in the streets and you don't speak up, don't leave, do nothing, you now became a silent accomplice to genocide. You'll find more details as to why that is here. It's listed right after Punking #98. You'll know.
So in essence Team Oscar, representing America in Iran, has tainted us all with that horrid stink as well.
And today, an innocent blogger has died in Tehran's notorious Evin Prison, the medieval torture chamber where Roxana Saberi is now being held. All for the crime of insulting Supreme Iranian Thugocracy Asswipe Ali Khamenei. No statement from Team Oscar.
By the way, I found this gem on the Supreme Asswipe just now. You'll love the title: "Meet The Decider of Tehran, It's Not The Hothead You Expect." Considering an innocent blogger just died in Tehran's portal to Hell called Evin Prison for insulting him, I think hothead doesn't BEGIN to describe the Supreme Asswipe!
In closing, Team AMPASS (the last S is for Stooge, and I don't mean that in a good way), seems totally oblivious to what a real horrorshow the Hitlerite Islamist Thugocracy in Iran really is. It's actually a lot worse.
I told everyone in Hollywood about the Gay Holocaust in Iran. I threw my screenwriting career away and declared war on them over it, and they still went! So while they're sharing tea and finger cookies in Tehran, somewhere not far away innocent gays are being mercilessly tortured and slaughtered worse than cattle. And some, most likely, within soul-piercing earshot of Roxana Saberi in her Living Hell called Evin Prison.
Note: Roxana is an American woman. To them, she's just as bad as a dirty Jewess. It's Fun Time! They feed on terror and death like human vampires! That's who they are! The whole Thugocracy! Sound familiar?
In closing, TEAM OSCAR GOES TO HELL plays out in much the same vein as, say, a gold-plated Hollywood cultural delegation shoving off for a gay jaunt to Auschwitz in 1944. Boy, does this movie SUCK!
In fact, if someone wrote a script like this, no one would ever believe it.
More to come. Unfortunately. Oh, and forget about Obama's election. To the Islamist Nazis in Iran, the Great Satan is just under new management! Sorry to bust your bubble, people. You needed to know that.
FYI Here are all my reports on Iran and Stooge Team AMPASS. Somebody has to cover this stuff!
Lastly, Here's some contact info, if any of you want to try waking up the Sleepy Ones in Washington and the Invisible Press and getting Fine Fellow American Roxana Saberi the hell out of, well, Hell!
Here's the White House. Here's the State Department. Here's Congress.
Oh, and see if you can wake up the New York Times, CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and AP, too.
Good luck with all that.
This ain't about Hollywood. Screw them! This is about Roxana. It's ALWAYS about Roxana.
Let's get her out of that Ninth Circle of Hell called Evin Prison and home with her Mum and Dad. They're worried sick about here. Knowing that Hitlerite Thugocracy in Iran as I do, I'm worried sick, too.
Hey, how's this? We'll trade Stooge Team AMPASS for Roxana, LOL! Works for me!
Let's get her back NOW! Like RIGHT NOW!
She's a Sweetie! And she's one of ours ;-)
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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