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Op-Ed: Two More Weeks of Terror for Roxana While Iran, DC, Press Nap

By Johnny Simpson     Mar 19, 2009 in World
The North Dakota House is drafting a Bill to demand Roxana Saberi's freedom. Meanwhile, Iran will be shutting down for a nine-day national holiday, so two more weeks of terror for Roxana in Iran. It would seem long vacations are going around these days.
Latest Update from The Roxana Saberi Hostage Crisis, Day 14 and Counting. Tick tick tick tick.
North Dakota lawmakers are planning a resolution urging the release of a Fargo journalist who is imprisoned in Iran. Roxana Saberi was detained in early February. Iranian authorities say she was arrested for working as a journalist after the government revoked her press credentials.
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and North Dakota's congressional delegation have appealed for Saberi's release. The North Dakota House resolution is to be introduced Friday. It expresses support for the efforts of Clinton and Congress to get Saberi out of prison.
Welcome to the Club, N.D. NONE of us are seeing much out of Washington right now! Nor are we seeing much from our Invisble Press on now-MSM Unperson and Object of Bad Obama PR Roxana Saberi.
94 new hits on a search for Roxana Saberi covering the past 24 hours. From the entire world press!
That is a DISGRACE! Human Rights Watch called Roxana's continuing detention in Iran unlawful six days ago! SOS Clinton demanded her release twelve days ago! Where IS she? And like RIGHT NOW!
But, it seems, the Un-Islamic Republic of Iran will be going on an extended nine-day New Year's vacation, and Roxana will be stuck in Hell for another two weeks. I am sure, however, the goons terrorizing Roxana in Evin Prison will be on the job full-time.
Speaking of extended vacations. 94 new hits on Google for Roxana Saberi in the past 24 hours.
NO statements from Obama! NO statements from SOS Clinton! Not even a mention on State''s Iran page! Roxana Saberi should be State's top priority! UNPERSON! NO howling from Congress! And our Invisible Press is well, Invisible. What did you expect? If this were George W. Bush in office right now they would be screaming for Roxana's release, and right now!
But, I guess, the PR shoe is on the other foot now. Their silence is deafening me.
They may forget Roxana Saberi, but I won't!
To me, she is not just bad PR for the Obamamessiah! She's a human being and Fine Fellow American trapped in a nightmarish hellhole in Tehran, and who knows how those goons are making her suffer!
I'm sick of the Hitlerite Iranian Thugocracy punking us like this! How about WE punk THEM for a change!
Again. Contact info for the masses of our Fearless Leaders and Jimmy Olsons napping on the job.
Here's the White House. Here's the State Department. Here's Congress.
Oh, and see if you can wake up the New York Times, CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and AP, too.
People, I have to tell you, this mass willful ignorance of Roxan Saberi is really starting to get to me.
Look here for more of MY in-depth reporting on Iran and the Roxana Saberi Hostage Crisis.
Somebody has to do it. Somebody has to keep Roxana from vanishing from sight!
Don't you, either!
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