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article imageOp-Ed: Hollywood and the Media’s Cover Up of the Gay Holocaust in Iran

By Johnny Simpson     Mar 16, 2009 in World
You may not know this, but as we speak there is an extermination policy being carried out toward Iranian gays by their Hitlerite Thugocracy in Iran. It is called the Gay Holocaust in Iran. The horrid details will make you lose your faith in humanity.
How’s this for a blockbuster logline, people?
“A straight conservative Republican screenwriter goes to war with AMPAS, the entire liberal Hollywood establishment, gay rights advocates and the Mainstream Media over the Gay Holocaust in Iran.”
If someone wrote a script like that, no one would ever believe it. Hell, I only wish it were a script!
In fact, the Gay Holocaust in Iran is as big a horrorshow as anything the Nazis ever perpetrated. Worse even, if you can believe that. In fact, they have done it in ways that will make you lose your faith in the human race. They do it even now.
More on Hollywood later. Too much more, actually.
First, an excursion to Iran, and perhaps the most inhuman abomination on the face of this earth since Auschwitz was still up and running: The Gay Holocaust in Iran. Since the Un-Islamic Republic of Iran was first spawned from Hell back in 1979, it has been the official state policy of their Hitlerite Thugocracy to exterminate all homosexuals within their borders.
At this they have been quite successful, having mercilessly tortured and brutally exterminated over 4000 Iranian Gays since. In 2005, Iran’s current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, jacked this barbaric policy way up from a passive search into an aggressive manhunt for Iranian gays, entrapping them online, then torturing them for the names of even more gays, so they can have even more torturing fun!
Then, when they're all done playing with the fags, these blood-drinking Islamic Gestapo Stooge tormentors finish them off by hanging them from crane wires in full public view to cheering crowds. It can take an hour to die that way. Oh, and they even bring their kids. How sick is that?
Note: you have to sign in to YouTube to see that last video. I’m sure most Americans would not want their children to see such an offensive and inhuman horrorshow. Unlike some people.
Also, a Google search I just ran of “Gay Holocaust in Iran” turned up only 64 hits. That’s less than the body count in a week! Makes me wonder if my faith in the human race has been badly misplaced. Has it?
All of the ugly truths are contained in my linked reports, if you would only look. And I desperately wish you would. The Gay Holocaust in Iran is an abomination and an egregious affront to humanity in every barbaric and inhuman way possible. It offends every civilized sensibility I have in every fiber of my being.
Oh, and Iran is now exporting this abominable crime against humanity to Iraq. Their idea of a cultural exchange, I guess. Kind of like Hitler's with Poland. Are any of you getting the least idea by now of who it is we're really dealing with here? Hell, I see too much!
Note: Some of the linked reports are very chaotic and Patton-like. That is because I have been feeling very chaotic and Patton-like since news of the abortive Team Oscar trip. I knew the trip was going to be an abortion, just not so much of one! When you know the whole ugly truth I have linked here to Hell and back, you should be feeling very Patton, too. But from within those whirlwinds of words, you will reap the truth.
By the way, here is a link to an index of all my reporting on the Iranian Thugocracy since Team Oscar took off for the Unfriendly Skies to share tea, finger cookies and film techniques with the gay butchers of Iran. You think it sucks reading all that dogshite? I had to write it all as a public service! Nobody else was!
And those are all just the SHORT lists!
As to Hollywood’s gay rights champions Sean Penn and Dustin Lance Black, you can read more on their and other Hollywood gay rights activists' tireless efforts to bring the Gay Holocaust in Iran on display to the world, in all its gut-churning and brutal inhuman ugliness, in my report on them here..
Then look what I have done here all alone. That in itself is a scandal. In fact, it's a disgrace! And that scandal isn't even a sidebar to a story that is Chinatown, LA Confidential and Schindler's List all rolled into one. Let's start from the beginning, in the gold-plated city that was my screenwriter's Celluloid Dream.
When I found out two weeks ago that AMPAS was planning a gold-plated soiree to Iran, a nation which horrifically abuses women even for Islamic clothing violations, crushes dissent with an iron boot, writes inhuman injustice into its penal codes and butchers gays worse than cattle, I could not have been more offended if I had heard they were sending a cultural delegation to Hitler’s Berlin during the Holocaust.
I even had to throw my screenwriting career away and declare war on AMPAS over this abomination! I wanted to bring the Gay Holocaust in Iran into the light, and they wanted to keep it in the shadows! As they still do today! Hell, they've been sharing tea and finger cookies with the gay butchers that are doing it all! How sick and twisted is that? Hollywood! That’s a crime!
And I was writing a loving screwball romantic comedy about the Oscars! How blackly psycho is THAT?
Even better? Here's a sneak preview of the Iranian Thugocracy's 'film industry'. Just look at the titles!
Those are the Iranian propaganda 'film industry' stooges they've been giving film seminars to!
Now you tell me. Just who the hell else has been reporting on any of this horrorshow stuff in Iran but me? I've been reporting on all this stuff for two straight weeks! Hell, I've been screaming to the skies about it!
Crickets. It's not like all this dogshite wasn't out there to find. There's TOO much of it! If only you looked. Just look all all the horrors I've put on display just here, never mind the linked reports. I stopped working on my script to report on all these abominations and affronts to humanity when I heard AMPAS was going!
Whether you know it or not (and soon will if you look), the AMPAS junket to the gay butchers of Iran has been one monstrous gold-plated turd on our national rep. Until you’ve read my reports on that subject linked here, you will have absolutely no idea how badly they have shamed us all, both as a nation and a people.
I can see the media has really been on the ball here, too! 64 hits on Google for a Holocaust that is happening as we speak! Oh well. But I did find this on-the-ball Vein Stream Media Boy Genius Reporter’s dispatch from Tehran: Death to America and a Cup of Starbuck’s. You tell me who’s totally insane here!
Oh well. They're probably all having a presser with Team Oscar and the gay butchers of Iran. Busy.
You have to ask yourself, people.
After wading through this mountain of abominations that stinks to High Hell called the Gay Holocaust in Iran, why are you all just hearing about this horrorshow today? Why am I the only in the Western World reporting all this sick stuff? And I'm not even a reporter! Hmm. An interesting question indeed. Who is?
64 hits on Google for an ongoing Holocaust against gays in Iran. That is sad beyond belief.
People, I do not report all this for accolades or recognition. I could care less about journalism awards that could not be more worthless, given the media’s flagrant and inhuman negligence and malfeasance over the Gay Holocaust in Iran. I just want the inhuman suffering and brutal extermination of gays in Iran to stop!
We all should want it to stop! And like right now!
Here’s an interesting sidebar that speaks volumes. This is the first Google search page for “Gay Rights Advocates”. You can go page after page after page and not find one mention of the Gay Holocaust in Iran. Plenty on Prop 8 and we American Nazis, though! Personally, I think Prop 8 is just a little bit less of a problem than the Gay Holocaust in Iran. But that’s just me.
By the way, here’s the link to the White House.
Ask them if they can spare a few minutes to go look into the Gay Holocaust in Iran thing. Might want to ask them to get Roxana Saberi out of that Tehran hellhole called Evin Prison while they’re at it. See if they can catch President Obama after his PR trip to the Jay Leno show.
Here’s Congress. Here’s the State Department. And my personal favorite?
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
Tell ‘em how ya feel! You can send Sean Penn and Dustin Lance Black some love letters there, too!
Lastly, people, the fact that I, a straight conservative Republican American, has had to climb this bloody mountain of abominations called the Gay Holocaust in Iran all by myself, in order to report this horrorshow to you, America, and the rest of the world, should speak to the skies. I should not have to wade through this Pit of Hell called the Gay Holocaust in Iran alone. Not by a DAMN sight!
But I do it for you, My Fine Fellow Americans and Civilized Human Beings Everywhere! I do it for you. I will be your Hercules, plowing through this abominable mountain of shit that would make shoveling the Augean Stables look like a coffee break! 64 Hits on Google for "Gay Holocaust in Iran." When that would just be a good week's work for the blood-drinking Islamist Gestapo Stooges of Iran.
THAT should speak to the skies, too.
By the way, I LOVE the Iranian people! They're getting it the worst from these modern-day Nazis. It's a Holocaust for poor innocent gays in today's living nightmare of Islamist Iran! The Iranian people have been catching Hell from these Islamist Nazi punks for thirty years! So have we and the rest of the world!
I just want to get rid of the punks! Like my Dear Old Dad did in Dubya Dubya Two.
Some things are far worse than war, people. Like a Gay Holocaust, for example. Won't YOU please speak up now? Not for me, for them. I've done my part. I've taken them under my wing. Nobody else seems to be interested in doing it! Jesus Christ, it's a Holocaust, people! And it's happening right now.
I don't care about their sex or sexuality. NO human being deserves that kind of horrific and insane treatment except the blood-drinking Islamist Gestapo Stooges that are DOING it! Even as we speak. Come on, have a heart, huh? Don't make me lose even more faith in the human race. I'm down enough already.
I'd sure like to start seeing a hell of a lot more than 64 hits on Google for an ongoing Gay Holocaust.
Might cheer me up some!
Signed, Gen. John S. Patton, Jr.
And I am their broken-down old horse cavalryman in battle, too! How about you?
PS Please feel free to post, excerpt or pirate at will. And don't forget to redistribute to the troops!
That is all.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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