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article imageOil-rich Nigeria will become Islamic soon, warn Dutch MPs

By Adriana Stuijt     Mar 16, 2009 in Politics
Oil-rich Nigeria, population 140-million, now is very close to an all-out"Islamic takeover', warn two Dutch MPs. And this would have a massive impact: from Nigeria, Africa's islamisation would spread fast -- resulting in hundreds of millions of refugees.
This would have a massive impact on the future of all of Africa and of the West, warn Dutch parliamentarians Geert Wilders and Martin Bosma of the Party for Freedom, writing in an editorial in the Dutch religious daily, the Reformatorisch Dagblad.
Oil crucial in Sudan and Nigeria:
Although the Dutch MPs didn't say this, a similar situation of course, also exists in Sudan on the Eastern side of the north-African continent: in this rudderless northern African state, the Jihadist-north's warlords are carrying out an ethnic-cleansing campaign against all the southern tribes, who are mostly animist and/or Christian followers. Nigeria and Sudan also have another important feature in common: Nigeria is rich in oil, and Sudan is located very strategically, straddling the shipping lanes to all the Middle-Eastern oil export terminals.
They said in their joint Dutch-language editorial that the international news media 'often describes such warfare erroneously as isolated conflicts, without placing any importance on the wide-ranging effects these 'isolated local conflicts' will have on any other countries, but especially on the West.
"A conflict is far too often described as a 'civil war', and journalists will write of 'religious tensions' or 'sectarian violence' - thus also constantly creating the immediate impression that these are mere dog versus cat fights which would not affect Western countries in the least. see video and also this video
"However, when one examines such 'civil wars' closely however, these often are imperialistic wars of conquest - in which Islam is always the engine which drives their stated end purpose of Islamic world dominance'.
In Islam's most important 'hadith', that of the Buchari, it's stated very clearly that 'Islam is there to rule, and not to be ruled'.
"Jihad, the holy war, is the duty which has to be carried out by every Muslim - and those Muslims who reject Jihad are no longer viewed as Muslims, but as heretics, and thus become marked for a Fatwa, a death sentence,' the two Dutch MPs write.
Nigeria situation is very serious
"A very important expansion of this aggressive islamic war of conquest is now taking place in Nigeria. The situation there now is very serious and will have a most devastating effect on Africa and on the entire Western World."
Nigeria, they point out, has Africa's largest population, namely 140-million people. It also has the second-strongest economy on the African continent because of its oil and other minerals.
Islamic Apartheid: Sharia law:
"Already, in twelve of the 36 states of Nigeria, Sharia has already become the law - this is the Islamic Apartheid law which discriminates against all non-muslims and which treats women as inferior creatures'.
"And once the Jihadists have gained the majority in only seven more Nigerian states, the federal government of Nigeria will be forced into adapting the country's constitution to include Sharia law - which means that in effect, all of Nigeria will then become an Islamic country'.
Plateau - it's not 'sectarian violence' but a Jihad
"A crucial Islamic Jihad now is being fought in the centrally located Nigerian Federal State of Plateau - one of its 36 states. see situation in 2003:
and compare this with the situation in December 2008:
Wilders and Bosma point out that Plateau is the key: it stradles the fault line between the Islamic North and the Christian South of Nigeria. "And once Plateau falls, it will have far-reaching consequences for all of Nigeria - and indeed all of Africa,' they warn.
Plateau's governor Jang now has to defend himself against jihadist pogroms in its capitol city of Jos (described by the BBC as 'post-election violence'). see
An eye-witness report in this BBC report however is describing a typical pogrom - an ethnic-cleansing campaign -- with burning houses, people who have to flee for their lives from Islamic murder gangs, and mothers who have to run while carrying their children to safety," they point out.
Indeed: a Christian teacher was quoted by the BBC as follows:
"He'could see the burning houses, all the smoke and hear the gunshots. Women were running away carrying their children, clothes, foodstuffs and water. Men were using petrol to douse the grass-roofed houses and then lighting with a match. I could hear shouts of "Allahu Akbar". Some of the Christians came running to safety at our place. I saw all this on Friday and again on Saturday but on Saturday there was even more shooting and a lot of shouting...." see
The Dutch MPs warned in their editorial article that all this 'post-election violence' is carried out by men shouting "Allahu Akbar'. Christian organisations report churches being torched, Christian ministers of religion are being murdered. These actions are clearly carefully planned and probably financed from outside the country..."
Non-muslims now are fleeing Plateau enmasse, driven away by the Hausa-Muslim colonists who follow in the wake of these jihadist murder gangs, they point out, warning:
Islamisation of all of Africa:
"When Nigeria falls to Islamic jihadists, this will have a powerful symbolic impact but also means that yet another oil-producing country will end up in the hands of Islam. In turn, those oil-dollars will be used to finance the worldwide Jihad.
"(And) an Islamic Nigeria also will become the starting point for the further islamisation of all of Africa. Once Nigeria has fallen to Islam, it will become even more difficult to remain positive about Africa's future.
Descent into "Inshallah Fatalism...'
"The continent will descend into 'Inshallah Fatalism', with disastrous results for the economy, education and women's rights. It will also create a massive surge of refugees, millions upon millions of Nigerians who will flee from the continent - for Islam only gives people falling under its rule three ''choices', namely death, conversion to Islam, or the status of 'Dhimmi', i.e. a suppressed, constantly harassed non-believer. Many Nigerians will avoid having to make these choices by voting with their feet," they warn.
Nigerians are living in genuine fear of a massive genocide according to the dictates of the prophet Mohammed's version of the perfect human, the ”al-insal al-kamil” - who doesn't mind undertaking one genocide or more," they conclude.
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