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Eight dealers in human-body parts arrested in Burundi

By Adriana Stuijt     Mar 16, 2009 in Crime
In the African country of Burundi, at least eight people were arrested this week for trading in human body parts belonging to Albinos. The public prosecutor's office says the peasant-farmers 'were caught carrying the bones of albinos, some still fresh.'
The people who were arrested were 'part of a gang'. Three however managed to flee to neighbouring Tanzania, where the trade in the body parts of Albinos is a very lucrative business. He said all the arrested people were 'just farmers, peasants' who were the middle-men,usually the 'harvesters of the body parts'.
The tribal 'healers' who 'however place the orders for these human body parts have not been arrested.
Over the past months, at least ten albinos were killed in Burundi, and in neighbouring Tanzania more than forty.
An aid-agency was set up in The Netherlands several years ago to help protect these people - who are targeted by tribal witch-doctors for their body parts and also suffer from a wide range of diseases, including skin cancer. See and also see
Harvesting human body parts -- not only from albinos -- also is a widespread practice throughout Southern Africa, because of the huge trade created by the continent's many millions of tribal 'traditional healers'.
And these unfortunate victims usually are slaughtered while they are still alive - because the tribal witchdoctors who 'order the body parts' insist on this, with the claim that the 'medicine is more powerful when the victim is screaming and aware'.
The 'medicine' these traditional healers manufacture from human flesh and bones is widely used for a large variety of traditional medicines and are widely sought after to 'cure' conditions ranging from sexual problems to fortune in work and love.
In Tanzania, at least 200 people have been arrested over the years for trading in the body parts of Albino residents - however no-one has ever been convicted for these offenses. It is widely believed by police officials that highly-placed officials are closely involved in this horrid trade.. see
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