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Op-Ed: No Lohan Arrest Unless She Walks into Long Arm of the Law

By Sandy Sand     Mar 15, 2009 in Crime
Yup. Only in Beverly Hills can an officer of the law say on television that even though a $50,000 bailed arrest warrant has been issued for the arrest of actress/singer Lindsay Lohan, police won’t be actively searching for her.
Beverly Hills police Sgt. Mike Foxen announced to the press yesterday that an arrest warrant has been issued for Lindsay Lohan and the bail set by the warrant is $50,000.
Foxen pointed out that he had no details as to why a judge at Los Angeles Superior Court in Beverly Hills issued the warrant and said:
"We believe it has to do with her arrest for DUI.”
He added:
"We're hoping that she will turn herself in."
In the television interview Foxen made it clear that there would be no “active search“ for the self-destructive 22-year-old actress/singer, but if Beverly Hills police officers should run across her, an arrest would be made.
Lohan has described herself as:
"It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs."
Where else could someone with a bail bounty of fifty grand be afforded such deferential treatment?
Is it Lohan’s fame, infamy, fortune, pretty blonde face or that the Beverly Hills police don’t take serious any of the charges against Lohan or the fact that she could have killed someone when she allegedly chased after her former personal assistant’s mother while driving. Or that in another instance she crashed her car into some bushes. No one was hurt in either case.
Or is it simply a case of Foxen not thinking before speaking? I saw the televised interview, and was immediately stuck by Foxen’s cavalier attitude towards the entire matter and found it an odd statement for an officer of the law to make.
I live here, and I know how seriously the small, dedicated Beverly Hills Police Department takes crime. They always go after their man (or their woman), which explains why there is so little crime in the city.
Since there are no details on the warrant, and while it may be true that the warrant arose from Lohan’s previous arrests on drunk driving and cocaine possession charges and possible violation of her parole, her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley said this is a misunderstanding and she can quickly clear it up.
In a statement released yesterday, Holley said:
“…her client has complied with the terms of probation and all court orders, and “The warrant issued on Friday was, in our view, born out of a misunderstanding which I am confident I can clear up next week.”
Even the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office didn’t know what the warrant is all about. A statement by D.A. spokeswoman Sandy Gibbons said:
However, a court hearing for Lohan is scheduled for Monday and it "apparently has something to do with Ms. Lohan's probation," Gibbons said. "We don't know exactly what it's about. The court contacted the defense directly, not us."
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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