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article imageMIT technology can charge batteries in seconds

By Chris V. Thangham     Mar 12, 2009 in Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have developed a new battery technology that allows you to charge batteries in mere seconds instead of hours.
Lithium ion batteries are the most widely used batteries in the world because they can store large amounts of energy. The downside? It takes hours to recharge.
MIT scientists have developed a new technology that will overcome charging problems, and the new batteries they have as a prototype can charge within seconds.
Professor Gerbrand Cedar, team leader from MIT and his graduate student Byoungwoo Kang, have discovered that lithium ions “can move much faster if they are aligned with tunnels that can be accessed from the surface of the battery.” These lithium ions carry the electricity in batteries.
Cedar and Kang have a new re-engineered surface material in the batteries that allows lithium ions to move quickly across the surface of the battery and channel the ions into tunnels. The prototype battery with this new surface material helps to charge the battery in 20 seconds or less compared to 6 minutes for a battery cell without the material.
Currently the batteries have a similar surface material but they are not as efficient as the one developed by Cedar and Kang.
They hope to bring this new technology into the market within two to three years.
This will help all types of batteries including electric car batteries. Faster charging will help electric cars significantly, since they won’t have to wait all night to charge the batteries. A major limitation of electric cars will be removed with this new technology.
You can find more details about this study in the March 12 issue of scientific journal Nature.
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